Accounting Outsourcing Services For Information Technology & SAAS-Based Companies

    • Financial Viability OF The Project
    • Reconciling The Bank Accounts
    • Managing The Receipts And The Invoices
    • Proper Management OF The Timesheet And The Payroll
    • Making OF The Proper Financial Statements
    • Sales And Corporate Tax
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Hire a remote accountant or bookkeeper, and get help filing your tax returns today.

Hire people to help you with finance-related administration at low costs today.

Explore our Extensive Expert Accounting Outsourcing Services for SaaS Companies

Our job is to take accounting off your hands and provide you with the best bookkeeping services. 

Our accounting outsourcing services help the financial health of your software as a service firm and make your business operations smoother. Here are some of Especia's best and most helpful services. 

  • Daily Accounting Activities

Our bookkeeping services include conducting daily activities that help software as a service companies function better. We use the business's accounting books to record every financial transaction that takes place in a day. When companies try to take care of this themselves, there is a chance that errors will be made, especially in the case of inexperienced staff. Our outsourcing experts handle this error-free and timely with complete accuracy. Our bookkeepers and accountants ensure the firm's accounting books are updated daily. 

  • Making MIS Reports

One of the most crucial aspects of business for information technology companies is the creation of accounting reports. The preparation of accounting reports by inexperienced and inefficient staff can do more harm than good. Our outsourcing accounting services make sure you receive highly detailed and informative reports of the best quality. You can use the reports made by our professionals to make informed decisions regarding finances. 

  • Financial Planning and Financial Analysis

A key service provided by Especia is outsourcing financial analysis and planning, making business operations easier. Our professional bookkeepers and accountants are qualified and experienced in this field, ensuring financial decision planning is done correctly. 

  • Tax Accounting 

A vital part of accounting services is making required tax payments on time, especially income tax payments. As an outsourcing firm, we make tax payments easier because we have thorough knowledge and experience in working with ever-changing tax laws and subsidies. Here at Especia, we make sure you are not paying unnecessary taxes. 

  • Cost Accounting 

Especia’s cost accounting services include recording, analyzing, and creating reports of where your company’s money is going. This will help software as a service and information technology firms plan out financial decisions and their budgets in an informed manner. Our outsourcing services help your company reach its financial goals and increase net profit margins.

  • Fraud Identification and Forensic Accounting 

Our forensic accounting services make sure you detect fraud in case it takes place and take action to ensure smooth business operations. Forensic accounting also ensures that fraud attempts are not successful and helps the business prevent losses. 

  • Payroll Accounting 

Especia’s payroll accounting services include maintaining records of payments made with complete accuracy in accounting books. This includes recording payroll and other provisions to employees, and this allows for easier and more efficient payroll management. 

Why You Should Choose Especia for Outsourcing Accounting Services for Software-as-a-service Information Technology Companies

  • Cost-Effective 

Hiring a remote professional from Especia will save you a lot of time and money. You would have to pay half the cost of hiring a local accountant. 

  • Self-Hosted PMS 

We have a perfect Project Management System in place, and we use our standardized processes to ensure smooth business operations for you. 

  • Fast Communication 

Here at Especia, we keep communication quick and respond to your emails, queries, and problems within 24 hours. 

  • Detailed Communication 

We keep you updated about your business with the necessary information via emails beforehand.

  • Monthly Meetings 

The professional you hire via Especia will meet with you at least once every month, maybe more, to gauge the firm's goals.  

  • Deadline-Meeting Abilities 

We make sure we meet deadlines to make business operations go smoothly. 

  • Detailed Checklists 

Our team of professionals ensures you receive a checklist of all the tasks we are completing to know where you stand financially. 

  • Quality Work 

Here at Especia, we pride ourselves on preparing error-free reports and books of accounts. This ensures that you face no difficulties in the financial planning process. 

Outsourcing Accounting Services for Information Technology Companies

At Especia, we provide holistically outsourced accounting services, ensuring clients get the most out of our services. 

We help clients with every bookkeeping need possible and use software such as SAASU, Zoho Books, Quick Books, and many more to help clients reach their goals. 

When you use our outsourcing services, you receive financial statements, journal entries, document retention, reconciliations, and detailed preparations of books of accounts. 

These services help you make informed financial decisions while giving you insight into business trends through our analytic services. 

Software as a service and information technologies may need help with financial administration to help growth. 

If you are unsure about our firm's accounting needs, Especia's professionals can also help you identify that. We help you prepare public financial statements or apply for a loan through revenue cycle management, cash flow statements, and accounts payable statements.

 We use various software to import and store documents for financial reports and present them to front-line managers and senior leaders to help clients improve business operations. 

We make sure that timely, accurate, and efficient financial reports are at your desk before you decide on payroll, inventory, billing, and headcount.

Benefits of Utilizing Expert Accounting Outsourcing Services for SaaS Companies from Especia

Outsourcing accounting services help information technology companies focus on technical operations while leaving finances to Especia. 

We can help with bookkeeping, management accounting, and payroll administration. Here are a few benefits of hiring our professionals. 

  • Revenue Management, Subscription Billing, and Recognition: We provide updated financial reports using software to ensure accuracy. We present these reports in a timely fashion, using a standardized system to help you create financial plans for increments in profit and growth rate. 
  • Forecast Subscription, Service, and Renewal Booking: We prepare predictions of expenses and revenue to prepare you for financial transactions. You can use Especia’s services to prepare yourself for debt or equity-based cash flow. 
  • Subscription Lifecycle Management: We ensure that your cash receipts are optimized; Especia's professionals track your subscription billings to see where your money is coming from. This helps your management team make effective decisions on areas of focus when it comes to consumer demand and market trends. 
  • Insightful KPIs: We use software and financial metrics to help improve your business functions. We help you get an insight into your Key Performance Indicator to improve your competitive advantage against other software and a service firm. 

Why Choose Especia?

Especia’s professionals have a great deal of experience in working closely with clients to make the most out of accounting services. 

Professionals at Especia work with integrity, honesty, and transparency to help clients minimize financial weakness and maximize financial strength. 

Our accounting firm adds value to every engagement by using short-term and long-term solutions to help clients become more efficient in terms of business operations. 

We ensure that we work with timeliness, accuracy, and efficiency to provide the best accounting services possible. 

Reach out to Especia today to learn more about accounting and to let us help you with financial planning and analysis so that you can focus on tech.

When we talk about outsourcing, we mean delegating activities and responsibilities to an external service provider who makes your work easier. In this case, we take care of the financial part of your business so that you can focus on the core sector of work: technology and software.

Software as a service company or an information technology company needs accounting and finance to maintain sustainable growth. Instead of going through the expensive process of training or finding employees to handle finance and accounting, you can hire an accountant or a bookkeeper from Especia to save on money and time. This way, you can use the saved resources to develop company strategies or improve your selling products. 

You can make indirect and direct savings by outsourcing accounting services and save a great deal of time as well. You can save up to 50% by hiring a cost-effective bookkeeper or accountant through Especia and utilizing our standardized, efficient operating and reporting processes. You save on payroll expenses, compensations and provisions, and equipment costs. 

You will also save a lot of money and time by having to pay lesser management costs for financing. An external service provider helps you prepare financial statements to provide to your stakeholders and management. On hiring through Especia, you pay only for the services you require, nothing more and nothing less.

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