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An ESOP feasibility analysis is a detailed first step in the process of establishing an ESOP in a qualifying employer corporation. Such a study is beneficial to both shareholders who are considering selling shares to an ESOP and employer corporation managers.

This information enables these parties of interest to determine whether an ESOP employer stock purchase transaction is an effective strategy for achieving their various goals. ESOP feasibility studies can vary greatly depending on the situation.

However, most ESOP feasibility studies include basic elements that must be addressed in order to (1) provide meaningful information to all parties and (2) avoid costly mistakes that could damage the ESOP's long-term success.

An initial investigation of a prospective project or endeavour to assess its merits and viability is known as a feasibility study. A feasibility study seeks to accomplish an unbiased evaluation of a proposed project's technical, economic, financial, legal, and environmental issues.

An essential first step in giving shareholders a picture of what an ESOP transaction would look like is an ESOP feasibility study, also known as a transaction analysis.

The criteria for any company to match in ESOP includes employees should be in the range of 20-25 minimum, the company should be profitable, a trusting environment should be there in the company, and there should a culture of ownership.

Any feasibility study's components include technical, financial, market, and operational feasibility. 

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