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In some situations, it immediately makes sense to implement an ESOP through a trust, especially for the implementation of cashless exercises or the acquisition of shares through purchases in the secondary market. The introduction of cashless payments will make the work of foreigners, especially easier. We provide a wide range of services as a trustee and also provide trust management services.

Trust is a complicated and multifaceted phenomenon. Organizational agree crucial a part of an expert courting among personnel, among managers and personnel, or among personnel and managers. Trust may be interpersonal or institutional.

Importance of Trust Management in the corporate world

Trust improves decision making

➤In a reliable workplace, trust is bidirectional. This means that employees trust their boss and other managers and managers trust their team. 

➤These synergies make managers more likely to allow employees to make their own decisions, giving them confidence and courage to make decisions. 

➤Trust enhances employee loyalty and loyalty 

➤Trust enhances innovation and creativity 

➤When people are free to communicate, express ideas, and trust their employers and bosses, they can innovate more quickly and find new solutions. 

➤Remember that fostering a culture of trust, not fear, promotes collaboration and creates a creative workplace. If employees are afraid of making mistakes or being punished, they are much less likely to take the lead, but the risk is essential to innovation.

Service Offerings:

Independent company trustee acts as trustee 

➤How to open a bank, Demat, or broker account? 

➤Acquisition of shares from the market based on granting options to employees or initial issuance by the company, allocation of shares to employees based on exercised options 

➤Regulatory Compliance, Insider Trading Compliance Responsibilities 

➤Providing Trust Management Services 

➤Establishing Trust in My ESOP Online-To the Company to View Stock Trading Status, Accounting -Reports, Bank Account Details, Meeting Minutes access 

Trust Registration

➤How to get PAN / TAN for trust? 

➤Open and manage bank accounts, deposit accounts, and securities accounts according to the instructions of the trustee 

➤Acquisition of shares from the market or initial issuance by the company based on the granting of options to employees, allocation of shares to employees based on options exercised under the direction of the trustee, sale of shares, and cashless Transfer of funds to employees based on exercise transactions. 

➤Account retention and closure, auditing, legal record retention. 

➤Insider trading, compliance with tax returns 

➤Implementation of trustee meeting 

➤Regular reporting to the company, Demat, and bank account collation 

➤Help desk for employees


Trust is the foundation of management as it is the solid foundation on which the rest of the manager-employee relationship is built. Without a strong foundation, relationships are at best unstable. 

Given the importance of trust in any business or personal relationship, it's amazing how often it lacks administrative relationships. In short, trust is vulnerable to management, but it is of great value. 

 It can make a difference between employees who are emotionally committed to a devoted and productive organization and those who are destructive or even destructive.

Equity-Based Compensation helps and allows employees to allocate value creation and also proprietorship of the business. 

ESOP stands for Employee Stock Action Plan. ESOPs are nothing but employee benefit plans that offer ownership interest in the specific organisation or company. So ESOPs are the right or option given to the employee to buy the company's equity shares at a pre-determined rate within a specific period of time. ESOP is a corporate finance strategy that a lot of companies use. Moreover, ESOPs are also required, used and utilised by startups.

It helps in decision-making and enables meetings for your dedicated team.

ESOP trust is governed by the trustee, who thereby remains the legal shareholder of all shares held in that plan.

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