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Our services cover the entire ESOP life cycle, including conceptualization, design, documentation, communication, and governance. We have collaborated with both large and small private companies in various industries, both at the startup and later stages. We specialize in tailoring ESOP plans for our clients in order to maximize value for both the organization and its employees.

We intend to create an ESOP plan based on the organization’s approach to rewards as well as the culture it wishes to foster. In addition to being rewarding in terms of compensation, we believe that the ESOP plan should seek to reinforce values and culture.

We provide the client with a cross-disciplinary perspective on the market practices benchmarks and key HR issues based on our research and expertise to assist them in making an ESOP plan decision.

How We Can Assist

➤Our dedicated team of industry/sector experts, senior lawyers, leading tax practitioners, and a team of company secretaries can advise you on the best ESOP scheme for your company.

➤Assist in the structuring and allocation of options and the creation of all necessary ESOP documents.

➤Grant/vesting/exercise/allocation/sale of ESOPs using technology tools – making the entire process very seamless, transparent, and real-time in nature.

Managing the entire process flow, including meeting notices, resolutions, secretarial submissions, corporate amendments, and so on.

➤Dedicated support team to handle all corporate secretarial, tax, and legal issues associated with the transaction's closing.

➤Special advisory services include start-up recognition, an 80-IAC certificate, angel tax exemption, and other benefits.

How to implement ESOP?

Choose how you want to use the ESOP. Will it be used as a benefit plan for employees? Or as a form of incentive?

➤Conduct an analysis to determine the value of the company's stock and the consequence of the trust contributions.

➤Unlike other types of plans, an ESOP requires different accounting procedures and a different method of allocating stocks and other investments among employees. As a result, in order to avoid IRS problems, the plan should be designed by an ESOP specialist.

The services include conceptualisation, planning, paperwork, outreach, and administration and span the complete ESOP life cycle. It covers companies of all sizes and domains. 

To help the client decide on an ESOP plan, we offer them a cross-disciplinary approach to industry benchmarks, the financial market, and important HR concerns.

The choice of using ESOP relies on the client. An analysis can be conducted to estimate the stock values of the company. An ESOP specialist designs the plan with different accounting procedures and stock allocation

Clients get assistance with structuring the documents and allocating stocks. The entire process is managed in a transparent, flawless manner. The support team handles tax and other legal issues related to the plan.

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