• Functioning of E-Grants system
    • Helpful as a tool
    • Advantage of using ESOP’s Platform
    • Features of E-Grant
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E-Grants includes all the paperwork, delays, coordination problems and makes the whole process easy and employee-friendly without any complications and control aspects. Companies that use the ESOPS platform for their plans don't have to worry about the complications of e-grants. E-grants are unified with ESOPS.

E-Grants is the Corporation for National and Community Service’s web-based system for:

  • Tracking and Submitting grant applications and concept papers;
  • Peer-reviewing online grant applications;
  • Awarding and Negotiating grants and cooperative agreements;
  • Managing grants and cooperative agreements, including processing amendments, continuations; and
  • Financial Status and Progress Reporting. 

Grants is an online system designed to automate the entire Grants. It allows applicants to find funding opportunities, apply for grants or projects, and manage grant reporting online. The system also allows the Corporation to review applications, award grants, and manage those grants and projects smoothly and effectively.

E-grants can be used as a stand-alone tool. For companies that use the ESOPs platform for managing their plans, e-grants are integrated with ESOPS ensuring seamless flow of information on grants.

E-grants make the process more simple and efficient because grants can be-

  • Customized(grant letters can be customized )
  • Tracked(you can track the status of acceptance of grants)
  •  Easily accessed(employee can easily access and read the grants anywhere)
  • Date and time (date and time of grants can electronically be stamped)
  • Visibility (employee can access their grant documents)