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    • A type of corporate strategy for retaining and motivating employees.
    • Liquidity Management, Retirement Strategy, and so on.
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    • ESOP capital providers.
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Employee stock option plans (ESOPs) are a type of corporate strategy for retaining and motivating employees. A company grants its employees the right to purchase a certain number of shares at a fixed price for a set number of years. To exercise the option, an employee must complete the vesting period. New generation companies are using ESOPs to retain highly skilled employees. Employees are more likely to pursue a long-term career in an extremely competitive IT sector when they feel a sense of ownership. Employees have the right to purchase shares at a predetermined price, but not the obligation.

To begin with, the mission is to retain employees, but ESOPs also aid in the reduction of cash compensation. By giving employees stock options, a company can save money to channel growth.

ESOPs have three primary characteristics:

Liquidity Management

Owners can sell a portion of their company or the entire company to an ESOP. In comparison to a third-party sale, it is a more manageable and friendly process. Ensures the continuity of corporate culture and the company's legacy.

Tax Effectiveness

Debt incurred as a result of the transaction is repaid with pre-tax dollars. S-Corporation owned entirely by ESOPs does not pay taxes. Capital gains on C-Corporation transactions can be deferred if certain criteria are met.

Retirement Strategy

An ESOP is a retirement plan that is covered by ERISA. The value of the participant's account grows tax-deferred. When employees leave, the company is responsible for repurchasing all stock.

Why Especia?

We are glad to inform you about the success of our company over the past few years. We have created 70+ Designs, 110+ plans, and different kinds of innovations that happened throughout the journey.

Especia assists companies with their Employee Stock Option Schemes and equity-linked compensation plans by providing extensive and comprehensive advice. Our service offering includes conceptualization, structuring, documentation, legal and regulatory compliance, and reporting for all aspects of the Employee Stock Option Plan.

We have helped small and large companies in India set up ESOPs and equity-linked compensation plans. As a registered merchant banker, we have also provided ESOP valuation services to a number of Indian companies.

Type of Options to be given to the employees are being classified below:

  • Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP) 
  • Employee Stock Option Scheme (ESOS) 
  • Rights to Appreciation in Stock (SARs)
  • Stock Option Award (RSA)
  • Restricted Stock Unit (RSU) 

We, as ESOP Advisors, develop schemes that benefit both employers and employees, ensure smooth implementation, provide valuation, and advise companies on the listing of shares after ESOP conversion.

What are the services we offer?

Sell-side ESOP Advisory:- With precision and attention to detail, we assist owners and shareholders in navigating the process of selling a company to an ESOP.

Option for a dual-process:- Make well-informed decisions by investigating both an ESOP and a third-party sale at the same time. Because of our M&A and ESOP experience, we can run both processes concurrently to achieve the best results.

ESOP M&A:- Our team has extensive experience selling ESOP-owned businesses and can assist you in understanding and navigating complex challenges and fiduciary issues.

Raising ESOP Capital: Take advantage of our extensive relationships with ESOP capital providers to assist with buy-outs, recapitalizations, and debt refinancing.

We Offer the Following ESOP Services :

Plan Design and Implementation

Every organization is divergent in terms of its nature, ideology, future plans, and financial objectives.

Review of Plan and Compliance

Companies may need to realign their existing stock option schemes to fit the future scenario. An employee stock ownership plan is important to establish a trust fund.

Feasibility Study and Bench Marking

An ESOP feasibility analysis is a detailed first step in the process of establishing an ESOP in a qualifying employer corporation. Plan, as well as comply with relevant disclosures and compliances.

Tax Advisory

The tax implications of an ESOP have a significant impact on the company's employees. The taxation laws that apply to a multinational corporation differ from one country to another.

Web-Based Portal for Owners and Employees of Company Processes

Administration, accounting, tax calculation, employee communication, and even online reporting are all part of it.

E Grants

The SaaS-based e-grant solution will relieve the burden of processing, tracking, and executing grants. This cashless method is especially useful when employees are spread across multiple locations.

Funding for ESOPs and Cashless Exercise

It helps for the employee stock option program by providing funding opportunities to employees who require them.

Management of Trust

It acts as Trustees and provides the full range of Trust Management services for companies that prefer to administer their ESOP through a Trust.

ESOP Financials

It helped to assist you with option valuation, accounting, and required compliance and disclosures.


Employee stock option plans are a particular sort of business strategy for encouraging and keeping staff. A business gives its workers the option to buy a pre-determined number of shares for a pre-determined price over a pre-determined period of years.

Advisory services, participant services, financial services, ESOP leap, trustee services, plan management services etc. are some of the common services that come under ESOP services. 

Liquid management means that an owner is entitled to sell a part of the company or the company as a whole to ensure the continuity of corporate culture. It can also help to maintain the legacy of the company.

Liquidity management, tax effectiveness, and retirement strategy are the three main characteristics of ESOPs. 

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