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    • Best e-commerce accounting and bookkeeping service provider 
    • Preparing financial reports, balance sheets, cash flow statements for growing businesses 
    • Tracking multiple payment channels and invoices for e-commerce business 
    • Highly skilled and experienced team of professionals who work hard to provide financial services and guidance 
    • Customizing services as per client’s requirements and needs 
    • Best payroll service and tax compliance services.
    • Inventory management solutions to make things easier
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The use of technology has come so far that nowadays, many companies choose to open up an e-commerce format. E-commerce is the most trending and easy-to-access mode of doing business. It has become a vital part of the business field to expand and spread your business. Since it does not have any geographical restrictions, it can be reached in any part of the world. Also, the growing competition makes it very necessary to open and choose e-commerce as a part of the business. E-commerce provides a platform for an online platform. It gives you opportunities in many ways like enjoying the benefits of technology, taking different opportunities, introducing and experimenting with new products with minimal funds.


With e-commerce business or online business comes new challenges, like any other industry. Sometimes, these challenges are beyond our scope and knowledge. We face things that we have never experienced before, and we feel the need for a mentor or guide. So here at Especia, we provide you with different kinds of financial services, guide you, consult you, help you manage the business, and provide different services: E-commerce accounting services.


The companies that run e-commerce businesses might already know how difficult it is to manage all the financial aspects like bookkeeping and accounting. So, you have arrived at the best place where you get the best service and solution. Here, at Especia, we provide you with a service that is accurate and guides you on different aspects, and helps you keep up with the updates and technology. We present the data in such a manner that it is easy to understand and clear enough to avoid any confusion.


E-commerce accounting is providing and managing accounts of e-commerce companies. There are four aspects of e-commerce accounting. They are as follows: finding the transactional data and the story of the business, sales tax, COGS and inventory, foreign transactional cost.


Many a time, the transactional data that is visible is not from the bank accounts or credit cards like any other business, identifying online sales taxes from state to state, calculating accurate COGS, and inventory management is not an easy task and becomes confusing for the operator to manage and this result is human error. This is where knowledge and experience play a role in identifying such transactions. Here, at Especia, we have highly skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced people who will help you ease your work with accuracy. Our aim is to provide you with data with zero error and give the best result for your company's growth.


E-Commerce Software:


The best software not only eases your work but also gives you accuracy. Especia uses the best e-commerce accounting software that guarantees you 100% accuracy. It gives a clear and fair financial report, accurate book-keeping without any errors or mistakes, collaborates between different departments, supports multiple users, calculates sales tax, manages inventory as well. Sometimes, companies collaborate with different departments like sales, inventory, payroll, etc. 


Challenges Faced By E-Commerce Business Owners?



Tax compliance:


When it comes to selling globally, one should know all the rules related to tax systems applicable for other countries, along with import and export charges. Non- compliance may lead to penalties and fines.



Inventory Management: 


Inventory management helps to save time and reduces the cost of storage as much as possible. It helps from the start of the process until the end, until the product is sent to its respective location.


Tracking multiple payment channels:

E-commerce is not just limited to bank account payments, credit card payments but also other modes and keeping a record of all of them becomes confusing sometimes.


Benefits Of E-Commerce Accounting:


  • Accurate book-keeping: Our experts, along with the help of the software, will make sure that you get the most accurate bookkeeping.
  • Clear Financial report: All information will be provided systematically and easy to understand.
  • Easy and Quick updates: The data will be available at any time and anywhere. The accounts will be updated constantly without any delay or error.
  • Sales tax calculation


Compliance And Processing:


  1. Understanding your requirement: Before proceeding to do the task, we make sure what the client wants and what are their expectations.
  2. Records: We access their records, analyze them and then plan accordingly.
  3. Updating the account book: Our experts will make sure to update any past mistake or error in the account book.
  4. Keeping Records: We start updating the data as soon as any transaction occurs.
  5. Delivery: All the necessary financial statements to provide our clients with a summarized brief and help them understand important KPIs for improvement.


How Can We Help?


  1. Customization: We customize according to our customer's needs and their expectations.
  2. Limitless consultancy: Our customers have no boundaries when it comes to consulting. We provide consultancy whenever our customers require it.
  3. Experience and Expertise:  Our experience and experts make sure to give you the best results to make you and your business reach a new higher level.
  4. Growth: We provide the best bookkeeping and accounting service for the growth of your business.
  5. Guidance: We will guide you with new plans, ideas, or updates.


What Are We Offering In This Service?


  • Bookkeeping Services: It will save you time, and our expectations will give you the best solutions.
  • Payroll Services: we will help you meet your business goal, provide recruiting support, manage and streamline payroll-related rules, regulations, and services, maintain employer compliance, save your business fines and fees.
  • Account Payable: We will make sure to keep you informed of all the accounts payable.
  • Accounts Receivable: Similarly, you will be informed of all the accounts receivables.
  • Inventory Management: We will also help you in inventory management and provide proper guidance.
  • Budgeting and forecasting: Our main service will be taken care of.
  • Cash flow projections: 
  • Financial Reporting: The financial reporting will be presented simply and understandably.
  • Invoice Processing: We will also help in managing and processing invoice information.
  • Tax Compliance: We will manage and inform you of all the tax-related work and keep it free from fines.


FAQs Related to the E-commerce Accounting Services


What is e-commerce accounting?


E-commerce accounting provides accounting services for e-commerce businesses. It is the process of collecting, analyzing, organizing, and reporting the financial data of an e-commerce business. They have certain requirements when it comes to accounting, and it focuses a bit more on inventory management as it's an essential factor for an E-commerce business.


What is the importance of accounting and bookkeeping?


With a high volume of transactions and inventory management requirements, accounting and bookkeeping play a major role in e-commerce businesses. It becomes inevitable for e-commerce business owners to avoid accounting and bookkeeping.


How does e-commerce software benefit?


It manages inventory, sales tax and provides an online shopping platform.


What is inventory management?


Inventory management is the entire process of managing inventories, from raw materials to finished products.


What are the challenges faced by e-commerce business owners?


Tax compliance, inventory management, invoice processing, etc., are the challenges faced by e-commerce businesses.