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Best Due diligence services Firm in Mumbai

We use the term due diligence in many spheres of the financial and legal industry as well as in everyday life. 

In financial terms, due diligence means passing on all relevant information to a potential buyer regarding their investment or acquisition. 

The process is an audit-based analysis and verification of information provided to the investor. 

Especia Associates is one of the leading firms which provide due diligence services in Mumbai.

Understanding the importance of due diligence

Due Diligence is critical as there is a remarkable cost for buying a business in terms of time and money. 

Without due diligence, the buyer risks suffering from financial loss after taking over the investment. 

Although not legally required in finance and real estate, due diligence is a common practice, even more so when the asset is of considerable value.

Especia’s Due Diligence services in Mumbai facilitate you in the following way

1. They validate assumptions concerning valuation and will identify risks and liabilities.

2. They go through all the acquisition's financial documentation to ensure you are not overpaying for the deal.

3. They provide a full analysis of the asset's business model and confirm whether it aligns with the buyer's.

4. They supplement purchases with insurance or warranties in case the investment goes south.

What services come in Due Diligence

1. Financial Due Diligence 

This is a must-do in case of a merger and acquisition (M&A). During this process, due diligence service providers check that the financial statements mentioned in the Confidentiality Information Memorandum (CIM) are accurate. In short, they make sure that the financial books are not cooked.

2. Administrative caution 

This part of the research deals with determining the asset's administrative aspects. 

They review the workplace area, facilities, monthly occupancy rate, technological investment, etc. This makes sure that operational expenses form a part of the financials.

3. Legal Due Diligence 

This is another imperative part of the entire process. It ensures that the sale is planned under the purview of the law. 

The due diligence team will acquire and verify certain documents like copies of loans, insurance, or bank financing agreements, minutes of board meetings, etc. The team will also seek relevant memorandums and articles.

4. Due Diligence on fixed assets

During this process, due diligence companies in Mumbai will analyze the assets owned by the business under scrutiny. 

This helps in determining the quality and valuation of the business. They check various lease agreements of the workplace or equipment, various permits, utility bills, etc. In most cases, thorough physical verification of fixed assets is also done.

5. Human Resources due diligence

Although viewed with lowered eyes, this is the most extensive aspect of due diligence. 

The whole workforce, along with the organizational structure, falls under the umbrella of this aspect. 

The items covered are employment contracts, analysis of current wage structure, HR policies, any pending labour disputes, health benefits, etc. 

6. Responsibility toward the Environment

Due diligence services in Mumbai also cover the responsibility of the business towards the environment. 

In India, the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) lays down the standards to which Indian businesses must comply. 

The team will verify the environment protection policy of the business for any loopholes or non-compliance.

7. Information about Tax Liability

It means due diligence regarding the company's tax liability. It includes reviewing all taxes the company has to pay. 

It also ensures that there is no underreporting of taxes or tax evasion. Cutting corners in tax due diligence will invite unpleasant scrutiny followed by heavy penalties imposed by the government. 

8. Involvement of Intellectual property 

This helps the acquirer to maximize the value of the assets held by the company. 

The focus is on establishing and acquiring the company's rights in various intellectual assets like patents, trade secrets, etc.

9. Maintaining an intact customer base 

This entails a painstaking careful review of the most important aspect of any business, its consumer base. 

The due diligence service provider will examine and analyze trends among the consumer base, customer satisfaction scores, etc. 

The intention is to develop a strategy that keeps the customer base intact for the acquirer. 

Strategic fit for startups: This analysis tailor-made for startups helps them to determine the nature of the acquirer towards them. 

It also provides the investor details about the winning and losing points of the startup. 

Checklist to carry out the due diligence Process

Due Diligence is a meticulous and detailed imperative process. Hence, we at Especia follow a checklist for due diligence which can be curated to fit the needs of your business. 

Through the checklist, we scrutinize the following aspects:

  1. Background of the company
  2. Financial Information
  3. Taxes
  4. Administration, real estate, and equipment
  5. Industrial assessment
  6. Marketing and Distribution
  7. Human Resource Management
  8. Environmental footprint
  9. Litigation and Legal Aspects
  10. Insurance

Why is Especia one of the leading due diligence service providers in Mumbai?

We at Especia thrive to provide clients with all services about their growth under one roof. We ensure that the due diligence process is completed with efficiency and integrity. 

In the past few years, we amassed clients of 80+ companies. We at Especia are servicing 12 different industries encompassing several Indian companies.

Our core values of accuracy, brilliance and meticulous research help us to render a one-stop solution to our clients.


Both parties must enter into a non-disclosure agreement before commencing due diligence. 

This is done to safeguard sensitive financial, legal, and operational information shared with the buyer during the process. 

The process facilitates risk-free acquisitions and helps buyers to make informed decisions regarding the purchase. 

The process is carried out by Especia's team of legal professionals, who will appraise you at every step of the process.

You need to conduct the process of due diligence to save your acquisition from the risk of turning it into a loss. You also need it to ensure that your other businesses will continue to thrive after your acquisition.

Due Diligence service providers in Mumbai will conduct this process on your behalf. At Especia, our dedicated team of qualified professionals will ensure that the process culminates to your satisfaction

Because of its exhaustive nature, due diligence providers can complete the process in about 30-60 business days.

It depends on the parties involved in the deal. They can use the same due diligence service provider or go for individual choices.

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