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Best Due diligence service Provider in Kolkata

We all inspect every Pro & con before buying any product or service. Several aspects have to go under the radar.

Market value, share, infrastructure, financial state, and target consumer base.

It is a cumbersome task to invest a large amount of capital in a company and perhaps acquire or merge with one. Due diligence services got your back in such scenarios.

Due diligence takes care of all your whereabouts when it comes to fair identification and assessment. 

These service providers thoroughly evaluate a company's assets and infrastructure. 

They research indefinitely about financial records, infrastructure, loans/debts and cumulate the insights. 

These services provide reasonable care and act as rain-check prior to mergers or any financial involvement with another company. You must be curious about where to find them. 

Due diligence services in Kolkata by Especia are known to be the most advanced, professional, and excellent in the market. 

Compared to other service providers, their stakes have been set much higher, and their performance is commendable. 

One may find due diligence service providers or companies in Kolkata online and visit them.

Why do Companies Go for Due Diligence?

1. To get insights into the financial statistics and performance of a given company.

2. To propose a more accurate offer by calculating the correct valuation of the company.

3. To determine the management, affixed assets, and valuable prospects such as technology, target consumer base, and market share.

4. To find any loopholes in the merger & acquisition agreement that may pop up later to cause any harm.

5. To track the company’s every step before the merger.

What importance do they hold?

1. Partner in Mergers and acquisitions

Due diligence services are an inseparable part of mergers and acquisitions. With accurate information and verified leads, a company has the complete assurance to merge with another institution. 

It prevents several anomalies by anticipating future risks. The buyer and these services are adopted by the seller as well.

By in-depth examination of their assets, they could know their actual valuation before any investment or sale. Hence, as a company, you are aware of your real worth.

2. Sight potential risks early

Verified information and detailed research about the company provide a probability of potential risks and loopholes in the company's current fundamentals.

It also bestows one with the major sectors of growth, which may prosper under different leadership.

Checking each step in the acquisition or merger of a company saves you from committing blunders. 

The services don't leave any stone unturned regarding research and analysis.

3. Evaluation ground 

The prospects that are evaluated include

  1. Assets and liabilities 
  2. Tax returns
  3. Technical infrastructure 
  4. Financial records such as transactions, turnover, valuation, etc.

If one is well versed with the financial position of the company to be acquired, it gets easier to execute the plans and strategies in the long run.

Types of due diligence services:

1. Financial due diligence 

It evaluates the financial position of a company. Its objective is to give details of transactions, affixed and virtual assets, cash flow, and company market share.

Financial metrics are crucial in the valuation process and portray the company's outlook toward growth.

2. Operational due diligence

It tracks down all the operational projects and affairs in which the company is currently indulged.

These include major investments, mergers and acquisitions, upcoming launch events, patents, etc.

This service gives you a clear picture of the company's vision and what enhancements can be addressed.

3. Commercial due diligence

CDD aims to research the commercial aspect of the business. The target customer group, market share, sales, potential competition, and scope of growth in the sector are some aspects that are evaluated. 

A detailed analysis of the product’s viability and demand can help you assess the company’s approach toward the customers.

4. Legal Due Diligence 

It is essential to properly examine legal agreements, loans, license-related agreements, and other merger deals from a legal point of view. 

LDD diminishes any risk of legal intervention in mergers and acquisitions.

5. Tax due diligence 

It introspects all the tax returns, loan obligations, and laws of the underlying sector a company needs to compile with. 

It gives information on tax returns and each financial year's tax audits. It also tries to dig out any secretive tax evasion. 

This also ensures all the transactions are monitored and well reported to the income tax department.

6. IT due diligence 

With the mobilization of businesses towards digital operations, it has become essential to judge the net productivity of the IT and logistics departments.

It evaluates the investment in infrastructure as well as the contribution of the IT workforce. 

What’s special about Especia?

All of these due diligence services are offered by Especia. Especia outperforms all other service providers as it focuses on quality over quantity. 

Our service always aims to provide evidence-based and detailed statistics about every registered company out there in the race.

We act as your watchdog in M & A, maintaining constant contact until the job is done. 

We tick all the boxes from company inspection, verification, data analysis, risk prediction, and loophole search.

contact us and you'll be content to save yourself from any blunders or bankruptcy due to misinformation or negligence.

Each sort of information we provide is well researched and thoroughly evaluated. We take full responsibility for its authenticity.

You can contact us online and offline. Our services are offered online 24×7. We are present on every social media platform. For call or e-mail check our website  Especia.co.in

Before the due diligence Process, we make a checklist of aspects that need to be under the radar.

These include:

  • Financial records, tax returns, and assets owned by the company.
  • Company’s employee culture and management infrastructure. 
  • All the legal contracts, license agreements, etc.

These sources are confidential.

It plays a crucial role in any merger deal or acquisition. You can never rule out the research and analysis prospect before any investment, and that's what due diligence offers you.

Yes. You can go through multiple options, both online and offline.

It may take from 2 weeks to 6 months, depending upon the accessibility and valuation of the company.

These are carried out by a team of finance, legal and digital experts collecting information from various personal and third-party sources.

You’re just minutes away from getting top-notch due diligence services in Kolkata. Search for especia due diligence service providers in Kolkata online or visit us. 

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