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Direct Taxation is one of the most important tax laws to be complied with, else businesses may have to suffer severe penalties and other consequences. But that's not how to direct tax should be looked upon. If properly complied with, direct taxation can be very beneficial since it provides various exemptions, tax benefits, and tax holidays to the corporates, partnerships, start-ups, and individuals.

Especia Associates LLP, a leading tax advisory firms in India with expertise as domestic tax services, corporate tax specialist, Withholding taxes, offshore tax services with presence in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Greater Noida and other regions in India, is well equipped to consult about direct taxes and help you gain maximum benefits.

We offer day-to-day direct tax services, tax risk management & related tax consulting services along with advising on complex matters and handling all departmental related issues. We have advanced tax software, calculators and IT system to integrate with the ERP system so that books of accounts are always complying with the provisions of income tax laws.

There is more than one benefit to hiring domestic taxation services. Besides complying with the domestic and international tax provisions, international and domestic taxation services can advise businesses on how to take advantage of various corporate exemptions, tax holidays, and tax benefits. 

Especia is a leading tax advisory firm. We offer professional expertise in day-to-day direct tax services, tax risk management, domestic tax services, offshore tax services, corporate tax services, withholding tax services, and other related tax consultation services. 

We offer the following domestic and international taxation services-

  • We offer tax audit services. Our team of tax auditors comprises of expert and well-qualified chartered accountants that do the following- 
  • Analyze the business environment and internal controls. 
  • Study and examine previous audit reports for past observations. 
  • Reconcile the balance sheet.
  • Examine the sales and purchases along with the expenses made. 
  • Reconciling tax return services. 
  • Discuss the drafted audit issues with the management.
  • Preparing the audit report. 
  • Businesses require tax-related certifications under various rules and regulations. We issue the following certifications- 
  • Transfer Pricing
  • Certificates for claiming exemptions and deductions under various rules and regulations. 
  • Certificates are required for seeking bank loans, furnishing bank guarantees, and issuing a visa by an embassy. 
  • We also issue certificates required by residents of India to foreign entities for remittance to be made outside India. 
  • Certificates for various grants issued by the Government of India to charitable organizations, autonomous bodies, NGOs, and statutory bodies. 
  • Our expert tax advisers strive to reduce the cost of compliance besides reducing taxation implications. Our international tax advisory services cover the following services- 
  • Consulting clients on issues like transfer pricing, efficient tax planning, and in situations like cross-border investments. 
  • We assist our clients in complying with income tax provisions in foreign countries in which the business operates. 
  • We also assist our clients in matters of complex tax-related issues like international mergers and acquisitions, benchmark analysis, and due diligence. 

Our tax advisory services ensure-

  • Compliance with all provisions and regulations of the income tax. 
  • Compliance with the provisions of income tax while deducting and tax credits. 
  • We ensure that all forms and relevant certificates provided under various sections and rules are filled and complied with. 
  • We offer management advice on day-to-day tax matters. 
  • We act as a liaison between the tax department and our clients. Therefore, we intimate all relevant circulars, notifications, and clarifications issued by the department. 
  • Our international and domestic taxation services also include preparing and submitting income tax returns. 
  • We also represent our clients before various tax authorities. We represent our clients before tax authorities, prepare and submit requests for a tax ruling, and prepare complaints and appeals on behalf of our clients. 

Tax Audit Services in India:

According to the income tax rules, persons are required to get their accounts audited from a chartered accountant if their turnover crosses the threshold limit. The primary purpose of the tax audit is to ensure that the books of accounts are maintained in accordance with the income tax laws.

Our Tax Audit firm with expert tax auditors’ team comprising of Chartered Accountants ensure that all the books and accounts are thoroughly checked to ensure the compliance of the rules.

Our approach to conducting Tax audit:

  • Analysis of the business environment and internal controls
  • Checking the previous audit reports to understand prior audit observations
  • Reconciling the opening and closing balances
  • A thorough check of the sales & purchase registers along with expense files,
  • Examining and reconciling various tax returns services
  • Obtaining written representations from the management,
  • Drafting the audit issues and discussing them with the management
  • Drafting the audit observations and finalizing the audit report

We also ensure that the person avails the deductions and benefits according to the provisions of income tax and there should not be any contravention.

Tax-Related Certifications:

Clients may require certificates for various purposes under different rules & regulations. We issue following main types of certifications to our clients

  • Certification for Transfer Pricing,
  • Certificates for claiming various deductions & exemptions under various rules & regulations,
  • Net worth Certificates needed for the purpose of Bank finances, furnishing of Bank guarantee and issuance of Visa by Embassy,
  • Certificates for foreign remittance to be made by a resident in India to a foreign entity outside India u/s 195 of the Income Tax Act, 1961,
  • Utilization certificates of various grants being discharged by Govt. of India to NGO's, Statutory Bodies, Autonomous Bodies, and charitable organizations.

International Tax Services & Advisory:

We, at Especia, a Top International tax Firms & Top Tax Advisors in India offering cross border taxation specialist, cross border taxation, international tax specialist, cross border tax specialist, NRI taxation & other extensive consultancies on various international tax matters which help the businesses to achieve global tax productivity. Our advisers help our clients to reduce the compliance cost in multiple jurisdictions besides reducing the tax implications.

We cover the following main aspects of our international tax advisory:

  • Assisting the businesses in complying with the provisions of income tax related to international tax matters,
  • Assisting the clients in complex tax issues like international mergers and acquisitions, besides providing ancillary services like due diligence reviews and benchmarking analysis,
  • Planning cross border investments in lines with better and efficient tax planning,
  • Consulting the clients on transfer pricing issues

We also help our clients in redesigning the supply chain to ensure better tax compliances and minimum litigations.

Tax advisory for corporates and partnerships:

We, as top tax advisor & best CA Firm offer income tax consultant related advisory and consultancy services in Delhi NCR to corporate companies and partnerships through our experienced team of Chartered Accountants and Lawyers.

  • Ensuring the compliance of all the provisions of income tax,
  • Ensuring that all the deductions and tax credits are in compliance with the rules of the income tax act and ensuring the evidence of compliance,
  • Filing the forms and relevant certificates prescribed under various sections and rules,
  • Advising the corporates and partnerships on various day-to-day tax matters,
  • Intimating the businesses about notifications/ circulars/ clarifications issued by the Income Tax Department from time to time,
  • Assisting the statutory or management auditors in relation to tax matters by providing necessary information
  • Compilation for details, documents, and records for tax assessment purposes for income tax and transfer pricing

Tax planning for individuals:

  • Assisting the salaried individuals in structuring their Cost to Component (CTC) to increase the take-home salary by maximum tax saving,
  • Helping the individuals in submitting Form 15G/ Form 15H to avoid TDS deduction,
  • Helping the individuals in planning their taxes in advance through proper investments and expenses,
  • Advising the individuals on on-going tax matters
  • Here is the detail on How IT-Dept. process Income Tax Returns.

Preparation & Submission of ITR:

  • Collecting the required documents such as Form 16, interest certificates and receipts of expenses/ investments,
  • Discussing the incomes from all the heads,
  • Calculating the taxable income and the tax thereon,
  • Filing the income tax return and e-verifying it,
  • Updating the status of refund and intimation of 143(1) intimation

Representation before tax authorities:

We handle various matters related to representations before tax authorities up to Income Tax Appellate Tribunal (ITAT) on various tax-related matters.

  • Preparing and submitting requests for tax rulings,
  • Representing the clients during tax rulings before tax authorities,
  • Preparing complaints and cassation appeals on behalf of clients

If you are looking for any tax consultants/firm for taxation services, tax consultant/consultancy services, you can write to us at