Data Entry Service

    • The process of hiring a third-party service provider.
    • The primary goal of data processing
    • Advantages of outsourcing data entry services.
    • Processing Of Data Entry Services
    • Risk reduction
    • Identification of a good data entry outsourcing company
    • Data security/privacy, Time Management 
    • Outsourcing data entry services
    • Data entry service cost
    • The process performed under data entry service
    • Offline Data Entry, Data Entry Offshore, Online Data Entry, Data Entry for Images, and so on.
    • Service for Scanning and Indexing, Service for Data Entry, and much more
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The key to your company's growth is accurate and well-organized data. As everything is being computerized and thus hand-operated labor is being phased out, almost all organizations are shifting to paperless techniques to carry out their routine operations. Data entry is now a necessary part of every business, whether it is small, medium-sized, or large. It is one of the most popular services that businesses around the world outsource. Every business must complete some necessary data entry tasks, if not critical, to daily operations. The difficulty is that these tasks take a long time to record the data. As a result, large teams are formed to handle them. The cost of the project will be higher if the teams are in-house. As a result, businesses are outsourcing data entry to external partners who specialize in this type of work.


What is Data Entry?


Data entry is the act of converting written documents to digital format or converting one type of electronic data to another. The key to accelerating business growth is error-free, well-organized digital data. Even though a growing company may find it convenient and time-consuming to track all data on a daily basis, managing in-house data entry operators can be extremely stressful, leaving more time to focus on core business activities.

What Is Data Entry Outsourcing?


The process of hiring a third-party service provider to manage a company's data entry tasks is known as data entry outsourcing. Instead of focusing on running a profitable business, outsourcing data entry services entails developing a partnership with an off-shore or on-shore organization. Although outsourcing data entry considerably saves the time and cost of day-to-day operations.


Outsourcing data entry services also allows businesses to manage ad hoc projects and seasonal volumes of work without expanding their teams or hiring seasonal workers. Data entry projects are tailored according to the needs of each company and can range from data processing to data tagging, data transcription to data digitisation, and so on.

Processing Of Data Entry Services


Data processing is the collection and modification of information in order to analyze or use it later. Data Processing can be used to store information, analyze data, filter data, report on data, and so on. The primary goal of data processing is to edit the data so that it can be used for a specific purpose.


Data extraction, data capture, entering claims, accounting and figures data entry, database creation, photo or product editing, etc.

What Are The Benefits Of Data Entry Services?


Though cost efficiency is the most common denominator for any type of outsourcing agreement, the emphasis on cost-benefit has now become a more subtle issue. The reasons are now more focused on process definition, efficient management, adaptability, availability, speed, and effectiveness of the data entry operator. A good data entry outsourcing company will emphasize delivering accurate results in a timely manner. Here are some of the advantages of outsourcing data entry services.


Time Management 


The outsource data entry services companies' experienced data management team is well trained enough to handle a large volume of work without sacrificing the quality. The shorter the turnaround time, the better output comes. The time difference is one of the most obvious advantages of data entry outsourcing.


Effective Data Management


Outsourcing data entry tasks leads to data digitization and systematic data management and storage across multiple channels. As a result, the data becomes more indexed, logical, and easily accessible for the process of data analysis when making critical decisions.


Advanced-Data Entry Services


Once data entry tasks have been outsourced to a reputable third-party service provider who specializes in data entry services, the company employs the best practices and processes to achieve the highest quality.


Data security/privacy


Data security is the most important factor when it comes to outsourcing data management services to an outsourcing agency. An outsource data entry services company always double-checks the security management techniques that will ensure the data's complete safety. Other security measures to consider when outsourcing data entry tasks include non-disclosure agreements, scanning services for penetration testing, audit trails for system activities, and so on.


Increased Business Concentration


Companies should provide razor-sharp focus to their core businesses to gain a competitive advantage in today's highly competitive business world. The supporting business functions should not be perceived as a source of pain, diverting attention away from the core business. As a result, outsourcing data entry and other related back-office functions will keep you focused on the business model.


What Is The Need Of A Data Entry Service?


➤Businesses can focus on their core business services and modules.

➤Loading digitally is more efficient than collecting manual editions of paperwork.

➤Outsourcing allows you to obtain data management and processing services at a reasonable cost.

➤Getting the benefit of improved quality and speed.

➤There are no operational costs for the data entry service.


➤Risk reduction

➤Work of high quality by an experienced professional

➤Best strategies for multilingual benefits.

➤Outsourcing data entry services are both trustworthy and cost-effective.


What Is The Process Being Performed By The Data Entry Service Providers?


1. Especia begins the Data Entry Service by receiving scanned or hard copy documents from the customer. 

2. These scanned or hard copies are typically delivered via DVD, mail, or courier. 

3. We also provide our customers with the option of uploading documents to our secure FTP server.

4. The Data Entry project then will be assigned to the appropriate Project Manager, reviewing and organizing the data. 

5. The Project Manager and the EDM Administrator will then double-check the information. 

6. After that, the EDM Administrator will assign tasks and monitor the project.

7. Each section of the data entry project will be assigned to the appropriate Team Leads to avoid conflicts and duplication.

8. The Team Leads will then pass on the information and assign tasks to their team members based on the process established by the EDM.

9. The Verifiable Proof Reading stage follows, in which the Data Entry Team identifies and corrects errors.

10. The proofread documents are sent to the second-level Quality Heads for verification during the Quality Assurance stage.

11. Following the completion of the second level of quality checks, the verified documents are re-issued and sent to the agents.

12. The documents are then re-entered, and a final quality check is performed to ensure complete accuracy.

13. We check the completed documents for accuracy and clarity at this stage. We then match the documents to the deliverables provided by the customer.

14. The Data Entry Team sends the verified and completed documents to the customer at the end of the Data Entry Process.


What Are We Offering In This Service?


➤Processing of Data

➤Outsourcing Data Entry

➤Form Completion

➤Conversion of Data

➤Processing of Checks

➤Entry of an Insurance Claim

➤Processing of Insurance Claims

➤Conversion of Books

➤Entering Data

➤Offline Data Entry

➤Data Entry Offshore

➤Online Data Entry

➤Data Entry for Images

➤Services for Copy and Paste

➤Internet Investigation

➤India Web Research


Why Choose Especia?


For more than a decade, Especia has been a leading provider of data entry services to its clients. We quickly grasp the client's needs and deliver to them. We offer the following specialized data entry services:


Service for Data Entry 


We provide a comprehensive range of data entry services to both small and large businesses.


Service for Converting Data


Offering a plethora of data conversion services that allow you to convert paper documents into digital formats.


Service for Web Research


Gathering vital business data from the web and effectively analyzing it, resulting in massive profitability for your company.


Service for Scanning and Indexing


Electronically optimizing the digitizing, indexing, and sorting processes through the use of customized and automated processes.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) Related to the Data Entry Service


What steps do we take to ensure that your data is completely secure? 


We follow a strict protocol to ensure that none of your documents or confidential data is published, disclosed, distributed, or sold. Furthermore, during the hiring process, we require our employees to sign a Non-disclosure agreement to ensure that their data is completely secure with us.


How much time does it take to finish a project? 


We respond quickly to data entry requests and guarantee a turnaround time of 24 hours in most cases. However, the project turnaround time will also be determined by the volume of work, the complexity of the project, and the urgency of the project.


How Do I Send My Data To You?


We prefer email and FTP, Google Drive, DropBox, and postal services for data transfer.


How much does the data entry service cost? 


All data input service plans are built on the project's specifications. Your data entry assignment is assigned to a team of professionals based on the volume, required data fields, and deadline.


What services are available for outsourcing?


While data entry is the most commonly outsourced service, data mining, data conversion, data processing, insurance claims processing, image processing, check verification and validation, market research and surveys, healthcare billing, customer support services, helpdesk, technical support, digital marketing, and many other secondary business processes can also be outsourced.