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Valuation Services

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Valuation Services

Due to continuous changes in regulations and business environment, valuation has become more complex. We advise our clients on the valuation of the company, business share and asset. Our expert team ensures that our results significantly match the price a buyer or seller pays or receives. We understand that valuations are highly dependent upon forecasts and assumptions and our team ensures to take real and genuine assumptions.

Also, regulatory authorities like SEBI, RBI, Income Tax and third parties like Auditors etc. rely on us for accounting and reporting purpose.

Our valuation services can be segregated in the following:

  • Business Valuation at the time of mergers and amalgamations,
  • Valuation at the time of purchase or sale of the company,
  • Valuation advise to minority shareholders and Joint Venture Partners,
  • Valuation as "Expert Witness"
  • Valuation for regulatory Compliances
  • Valuation for financial reporting purposes ensuring the compliance of IND AS and IFRS (wherever applicable)
  • Valuation of intangible assets for funding purpose
  • Valuation for private equity and venture capital entities