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Successful completion of mergers and acquisitions is not confined merely to closing a deal. Successfull completion means - setting the right deal on the right terms & conditions fulfilling the desired objectives and transitioned in the right way.

We take time to understand each client's key transaction objectives to design optimum practical accounting and tax solutions which can deliver strategic results. Our team has the sufficient expertise to handle even the most complex transactions like joint ventures and reverse mergers. We provide the services with a constant, client-centric work process which ensures continuous communication throughout the deal process.

  • Advising strategy according to objectives

    Whatever may be the objectives, our team conducts an in-depth study and then advises the strategy to accomplish those objectives.
  • Calculation of swap ratio

    We calculate a swap ratio considering the needs of our client and the structure of the transaction. We also take care of regulatory laws like FEMA, Income Tax and SEBI while calculating
    the swap ratio.
  • Executing the deal

    We are well versed in handling the execution process, eliminating any obstacles and making the entire process quick and effective.
  • Following up

    We just don't close the deal - we keep in constant touch with our client and advise on financial, fiscal and legal aspects of post-merger proceedings.

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