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    • The CRS may be used by anybody who is creating original works of value that they want to protect from being reproduced, sold, or used in any other unauthorized way.
    • You can use our online verification system to validate that a work stating a CRS Registration Number is legitimate. The registration pertains to the work and the individual/organization in question.
    • You can also make copyright registration online retrieval requests if your registered work is the subject of a copyright dispute or if you've misplaced your own copy and need a backup.
    • If you need to pay the IP Rights Office, you can do so using a credit or debit card online.
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Copyright Registration Online

The right to ownership over literature, theatre, music, artwork, sound recordings, and other works is copyright. Copyright registration gives a set of rights to the work, including reproduction, public communication, adaptation, and translation.

Copyright registration guarantees that the writers' rights to ownership and enjoyment of their works are protected and rewarded, protecting and rewarding creativity.

Copyright registration is required since it allows you to connect with the public, reproduce the rights, adapt, and translate the works.

As knowledge of intellectual property rights has grown in India, there has been a significant increase in the amount of intellectual property being registered.

Copyright registration is one of the most important methods of intellectual property protection.

The Copyright Act of 1957 governs the process of copyright registration. The author's creative work cannot be replicated since no one is authorized to use it without the author's or creator's consent. The author has the right to charge for the use or modification of his work. The copyright is usually protected for 60 years.

Required documents for copyright registration online.

The following papers must be supplied to get copy registration:

  1. The candidate's name, residence, and nationality- old. Proof
  2. NOC from the publisher if the applicant and the publisher are not the same people
  3. Check the Trademark Office for any certificates.
  4. A letter of authorization from a person whose image appears in the work
  5. Attorney-in-fact
  6. 2 copies of the work (book/source code on CD (if the copyright on the website))
  7. Author's Know-Your-Customer (KYC)

Copyright Registration Eligibility

  1. Any work relating to literature, theatre, music, artwork, cinema, or sound recording can be registered for copyright. Copyrights are granted to three types of works, each with its own set of rights under the copyright statute.
  2. Copyright covers literature, music, painting, sculpture, and other original literary, dramatic,      musical, and creative works.
  3. Cinematography films are a type of copyright that includes any visual recording on any medium.
  4. Under copyright legislation, sound recordings are defined as recordings of sounds, independent of the media on which the recording is created or how the sound is produced.

Copyright Procedure

Copyright registration applications can be submitted on Form IV together with the required payments. It can be copyrighted, whether it is a published or unpublished work. Three copies of the published material must be supplied with the application for published work.

For unpublished work, a copy of the manuscript must be supplied with the application for affixing the copyright office's stamp, which serves as proof that the work has been registered.

The following is a step-by-step guide to obtaining copyright registration online in India:

  1. The copyright procedure for registration must be submitted using the appropriate forms that reference the specific work.
  2. A different copyright application may be required depending on the type of work.
  3. The applicant must sign the paperwork, and the Advocate must apply the name of the person who performed the POA.
  4. Meanwhile, our copyright specialists will draught the application for copyright registration and send the relevant paperwork to the Registrar of Copyrights.
  5. Once the copyright procedure has been done and the application is filed online, the Diary number will be assigned.
  6. The copyright examiner evaluates the application for potential objections or any other problems throughout the 30-day waiting period. 
  7. If there is an objection, a notice will be given, and it must be completed within 30 days of the notice being issued. The examiner has the authority to summon both parties to a hearing.
  8. The copyright procedure can be done and registered only once, The difference has been resolved, or there is no objection, and the Copyright Office will issue the registration certificate.

Validity of Copyright Protection

Copyright protection usually lasts for 60 years. The 60-year period begins with the author's death year in the case of original literary, theatrical, musical, and artistic works.

The 60 years is calculated from the publishing date in the case of cinematographic films, sound recordings, pictures, posthumous publications, anonymous and pseudonymous publications, government works, and international organizations' activity.

In the event of copyright infringement, what is the remedy?

Infringement against the copyright of any work is a crime punishable under Section 63 of the Copyright Act. Six months in jail and a fine of Rs. 50,000 are possible penalties.

Also, suppose a copyright violation has occurred or is likely to occur. In that case, any police officer not below the level of sub-inspector may, if satisfied, take all copies of the work and the plates used to make infringing copies of work without a warrant.

Copyright holder's rights 

The copyright registration process gives the copyright owner exclusive rights. Without the copyright owner's authorization, an individual cannot create copies or duplicate material.

Adaptation Rights

The Act gives the inventor complete control over how his work is used. He is free to make any variations on his original work. He might potentially adopt a different format depending on his previous work.

The Right to Public Communication

The owner can broadcast their original work to the general audience. The copyright owner might use visual markers or even photographs.

Public Performance Right

Artistic and musical creations can be performed in public by their proprietors. A musician can perform his composition for the audience. An artist can perform in front of an audience or on whatever platform they want. The copyright registration process has several advantages. It provides legal protection.

When their work is copied without permission, the Creators are legally protected. The copyright registration process makes it considerably easier to defend the original work against infringement.

Market Awareness

Copyright registration establishes a public record of the work and establishes proof of ownership of the creative work.

The Owner's Rights

The owner of a copyright registration has the right to reproduce, distribute, modify, and translate the work.

Use of Copyrighted Work Without Permission is Legal

Under some circumstances, the legislation permits the use of a registered work for research, study, critique, review, and news reporting without the owner's consent and the use of works in libraries, schools, and legislatures. Some exclusions have been established regarding the use of copyrighted works to safeguard users' interests. The usage of the work is one of the exemptions.

  1. for private study or investigation, 
  2. for critique or review
  3. During a legal action
  4. For the performance of literary, dramatic, or musical works by an amateur club or organization for a non-paying audience, and 5. The creation of sound recordings of literary, dramatic, or musical works under specified conditions.

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The titles or names, brief words, slogans, or other phrases are not protected by copyright registration. Copyright registration is only available for unique literary works.

Copyright protection is offered to literary works, music, videos, slogans, and creative items, whereas trademark registration protects the brand name, logo, and slogan.

Copyright registration is valid for 60 years once it is received. If the work is literary, dramatic, or musical, the validity period is 60 years after the author's death. However, in the case of films, sound recordings, and pictures, the 60-year term begins on the date of publication.

According to the Berne Convention, copyright gained in India will be treated as if it were obtained by foreign labor, and copyright protection would be extended to nations that have signed the convention.

The registration of copyright can be sold, transferred, gifted, or franchised with the permission of the work's owner.

The holder has the right to translate, reproduce, modify, and create the work and the right to be credited for his contribution and the ability to adapt the work to other formats.

Considering variables such as objections, registration of copyright can be secured in 6-8 months.

Both published and unpublished material can be registered; the publication date must be included with the registration. if the work has previously been published.

Yes, a copyright registration may be refused if there is a discrepancy or incomplete documentation.

Copyright registration is available to everyone, even businesses. An author, creator, musician, photographer, producer, painter, composer, or firm can all be individuals.

The individual who has infringed on the work must receive a statutory notification from the copyright holder.

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