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Cloud-based accounting software and why you should use it

The record-keeping process is a tedious one. Over the years, accounting software has been introduced to help businesses streamline this process with increased efficiency and reduced time spent. But can we improve upon this even further?

That’s where Cloud-based Accounting Software comes in. This software is a step up from the older ones. Embrace the convenience it offers while taking your efficiency to the next level. Sitting at your desk and poring over your financial condition is now a thing of the past. 

Your business’s accounting process will now be at the tip of your fingertips. There is no longer a need to transfer your files from one place to another. Access your financial information from any device using a secure login process. 

How can we help?

Especia aids you with your accounting services with the help of our cloud-based accounting software. We help business owners keep track of their finances anywhere and anytime they want. Convenience is the name of the game. 

Our clients do not need to contact us every single day for any communication. The time required to communicate any information to our clients is reduced drastically due to cloud-based accounting software. 

Especia uses cloud-based accounting software for all of our clients and has met with nothing but positive results. We take full advantage of this software and streamline our clients' bookkeeping and accounting processes. You cannot go wrong with our help!

Benefits of Cloud-based accounting software:

Decision-making made faster: Easier access to financial information allows you to make the right decisions in less time.

Secure data: Financial records are stored in the cloud. Cloud storage ensures you always have a backup.

Facilitates Teamwork: Several users can access the same financial information—reduced confusion and easier to work together.

Work at your convenience: Work on the go and whenever you wish. Desktops and cubicles are a thing of the past.

Live Bank feed: No need to manually enter each statement. Live feed gives you a real-time view of your balance.

Automatic updates to Accounting Process: Changes in tax and legislation are implemented automatically and do not require further purchases.

Third-party support: Integrate as many third-party apps as you wish into your cloud-based accounting software and enhance your overall business operation.

What we offer in this service:

➤Help you select the right cloud-based accounting software: Our experts will analyze your requirements thoroughly and ensure we help you pick out the cloud-based accounting software best suited for your needs.

Set-up process: We have a team of accountants and professional bookkeepers who will be with you every step of the way, right from setting up your cloud-based accounting software to assisting with optimal usage of the same.

Migration: Do you wish to migrate to cloud-based accounting software from your current accounting software? No worries, we’re there for you! Or do you want to change your current cloud-based accounting software to another? We will help with that, too! Whatever your migration needs may be, we will help.

Why especially us?

Team of experts: Our team consists of experienced and qualified accountants, ready to assist you at any time

Financial control: Help in increasing your control over your financial statements

Reduction in expenditure: Greatly reduce how much you spend on accounting and administration

Reasonable Pricing: We assure the finest quality delivery with our price rates

Privacy and safety: The safety of your data is our utmost priority and will be maintained at all costs

Compliance: We follow all the regulatory legislations 

FAQs Related to the Cloud-Based Accounting Service

What is cloud-based accounting software?

Cloud-based accounting software is accounting software that isn’t available physically but is instead hosted on a remote online server. It comes with all the perks that desktop accounting software has to offer and only adds more to it. Your accounting is now processed via the cloud. Using the internet, get access to your financial data anytime and anywhere.

What are the key features that cloud-based accounting software offers?

The biggest draw of cloud-based accounting software is the ability to access your financial data anytime and anywhere. You can work both online and offline and make the most out of each. Furthermore, your data is very secure and can be freely shared with other members without any repercussions. Back-ups are made on a consistent basis and ensure your data stays up to date.

Is cloud-based accounting software safe to use?

Opting for the higher quality cloud-based accounting software ensures high-level security measures are employed to keep your data safe and secure. Though they may cost more, the benefits are more than worth it. Even so, cloud-based accounting software is still significantly safer than traditional desktop software, where the latter is prone to several issues such as system failure and the like.

Where do real humans come into this? Is it all through software?

When you first start working with us, the person assigned to you will guide you through the process and on using the software. Even after you get a handle on things, our expert is only a short phone call, text message, email, or online chat away. Contact us whenever you please, we’ll be there at once!

Will I save money through cloud-based accounting software?

Yes, most definitely! Companies that use cloud-based accounting software spend significantly less than their counterparts using traditional software. Additional IT personnel are not required to maintain or update the system constantly. Software upgrades don't need to be bought every time they're released, and overhead expenses are reduced. Savings for the organisation!