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    • Cap table and objective towards start-ups
    • Cap table and services it provides
    • Best practices to maintain cap table management process
    • Cap table importance and key rules
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It is called a capitalization table, often shortened to 'cap table'.  A cap table makes it easy to see who owns what, and a cap table is a critical activity to set up from a startup's early stages. A-Cap table is a legal document spelling out your startup's equity structure that means any mistakes within the cap table are mistakes in your organization's official ownership document. 

  • A table showing the equity ownership capitalization for a company is a capitalization table.
  • The capitalization table is essential for financial decisions involving equity ownership, market capitalization, and market value.
  • It helps private companies maintain the calculation of their market value. It's also important for shareholder reporting and new capital issuance marketing in the private market.

It is a platform of ESOPS, a simple and secure equity management platform that allows you to plan and store and helps you to report your data better. This platform by ESOPS continuously adapts and grows smarter, saving your time and efforts for your entire equity ecosystem. A basic capitalization table lists out each type of equity ownership capital, the individual investors, and the share prices.

Best practices to maintain cap table management process-

  • Please familiarize yourself with its basic elements and formats
  • Recognize the importance of executive alignment 
  • Evaluate and implement tools to help you manage it
  • Determine and delegate ownership of the cap table
  • Decide how much information to share with investors 
  • Choose how much to share with employees

At last, a cap table should always be well-managed, well-understood, and up to date, with proper considerations, communication, resources and ownership. You can put all the correct processes and manage the cap table.

A cap table is a spreadsheet used to add all the important data, making it easy to see who owns what, and a cap table is an important activity for startups.

A cap table is structured as an organisable table that helps you keep all your financial transactions and transactions in one organised place.

A cap table should be simple and clear. The most common structure is to list the names of the investors/security holders on the Y-axis. In contrast, the type of security appears on the X-axis.

Yes,  a well-organised cap chart management for startups helps all investors to keep track of all this information so that it is accessible when needed in the future. Ideal for startups with a massive number of employees.

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