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    • CFO Services 
    • Account outsourcing services 
    • India entry services 
    • GST and other taxation services 
    • Domestic and International Tax Filing 
    • Statutory and internal audit services 
    • Company secretary services 
    • And More Finance Related Services we offered.
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If you are a business or company owner in Surat, you need a professional ca in your team. A professional chartered accountant takes care of the finances and accounts. However, he also gives business and market advice that is beneficial for the growth of the company. Finding a skilled ca in surat is as hard as finding a good ca firm in surat. 


It is easy to find diamonds in Surat, but quality and skilled ca in surat? It might not be impossible, but the process of finding a good ca in surat would be exhausting. But, we will help you save all the laborious work because one of the top ca firms in surat is here! 


Are you looking for a list of ca in surat? Then, you are at the correct place to find the perfect CA for your company and business. 


Especia Associates LLP is one of the leading top ca firms in surat. We are a team of skilled and trained CA professionals that help you reach your company to the next level. 


Who are we? We'll give you every detail about our firm, so you know that we are a trustable and reliable source. While building the foundation of husky relationships, one of the salient pillars is trust. 


About Especia Associates LLP 


A CA advisory firm started in 2010 located in Delhi NCR, the heart of our country. We started this company with a small group of ca professionals. We were only passionate about upgrading the efficiency and effectiveness of online ca services available at that time.  


With the same mindset in our hearts and minds, we are now a team of 50+ trained ca professionals. We have served almost 500+ clients happily and with great satisfaction. 


A brief insight on the client's firm to whom we have delivered our services happily - Agility Ventures, Organic Brews, Funk Feets, Fidelity, and many more. We have also extended our services to international leading market brands like Harley Davidson, Genpact, and others.  


With a mission to deliver the best and satisfactory services to growing and budding businesses, we are here to help you. The group of Especia Associates LLP provides you with efficient and effective business and financial services. They are highly customizable. It means that you can choose the services that you want and pay for only those services. 


We are now extending our boundaries and are providing our best ca services in various cities of the country. And Surat is one of the cities of our expansion plan. So, if you are looking for a reliable ca firm in Surat, the group of Especia Associates LLP warm-heartedly welcome you! 

Different services that we offer to our customers 


Especia Associates LLP started with only particular kinds of financial services, but we have now included a variety of business and financial services in our catalog. 


The different services that we offer to our customers are: 

  1. Valuation Services 
  2. Account Outsourcing Services 
  3. CFO Services 
  4. India Entry Services 
  5. GST Services 
  6. Domestic and International Tax 
  7. Company Secretary Services 
  8. Statutory Audit Services
  9. CA Services 


CA Services 


The different kinds of services that we provide under the category of CA services are:


Virtual CFO Services


CFO Services will help you to monitor all your financial strengths and weaknesses. We will analyze all weak points and create a final strategy that will recover all the losses. Our CFO Officers will keep an eye on all the cash flow transactions and make a financial report which will be beneficial while analyzing. 


Our virtual CFO services will give all the best facilities but online. They are cost-effective and time-saving. They are customizable. An extensive network will enhance the experience. 


GST Services


The ca firm in surat will offer you various GST Services. Our team's ca in surat will assist you in all the processes related to GST registration. From advising on the requirements of registration, provisions of GST to obtaining the GST registration number, we have got you! 


We will reply to all the notices and intimidation that will come from GST Department. We will help you in an altercation in GST Return. We will keep reminding you of further GST due dates.


Domestic and International Tax services


Our experienced legal team will help you sort out all the problems. We'll make sure that the compliance of all the provisions of tax is done clearly or not. We'll assist you in filing all the forms and relevant certificates under particular rules and sections. From reminding you about all the notifications released by Income Tax Department to combining all the necessary documents, we will never leave you. 


Tax Planning 


Tax planning is very crucial for any business. Even if you earn a salary, tax planning is necessary for you too. We'll help the individuals in filling 15G or 15H forms to avoid TDS Deduction. We assist the client in maximum tax savings by structuring their Cost to Component. We will guide you through all the investments that you get more profit in the future.  


Preparation and Submission of ITR 


Submission of ITR done professionally will help you close the matter early and in a super-easy way. So, we'll do most of the work. From the collection of documents to filing the ITR, our team will handle everything. Documents like Form 16, interest certificates, and receipts of expenses and investments. We will keep updating you on the refund.   


Representation before Tax Authorities


We'll put your case forward in front of the tax authorities. We'll prepare the documents and submit the request to the tax rulings. 


We'll then represent the clients during tax rulings before tax authorities. Our team will prepare all the complaints and cassation appeals on your behalf. 


Audit Services 


Our Especia team provides you with all kinds of audit services- statutory audit services and internal audit services.  We prepare an audit plan and completely stand by it so that we can find the fault. It will help us find the key, and then we can work on the strategies and ideas for growth and increase productivity. We conduct an internal audit of the organization so that management is improved. It helps in detecting frauds and the operational working capacity of assets. It also increases the productivity of the management staff. 


If you are looking for a list of ca in surat, look for us online. You can contact us from the website. Or for more detailed information on our services, visit the Especia Associates LLP website now.