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    • Valuation Services 
    • CFO Services 
    • Account outsourcing services 
    • India entry services 
    • GST and other taxation services 
    • Domestic and International Tax Filing 
    • Statutory and internal audit services 
    • Company secretary services 
    • And More Finance Related Services we offered.
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If you are in Patna, then you know it is not easy to open up a business. As simple as it sounds, it never actually is. Reality is always different from our thoughts and dreams. With the tiring procedures, spending all day in long queues, touring the whole government office premises from one table to another, it would be illegal to say that it is easy to set up a business. 


The company name registration, applying for TAN and GST registration is a hectic task. The process takes up so much time that it makes them tiring and bustling. It feels like driving on a busy traffic jam road. 


With so many difficulties and problems, most talented entrepreneurs don't even bother to open up their start-ups. Their idea could have the potential to flourish and bloom like a banyan tree. But these long and tiring procedures act as a barrier in turning their dreams into reality. 


So, to give more opportunities to creative and bright minds, the Indian government has reformed the old tiring procedure. Almost all the practices are now online, and you don't have to wait for 15 days or spend your whole day in long queues! 


The new changes and policies are hard to digest. So, an expert whose job is to be familiar with all those changes and new technologies is the need of the hour. A professional CA does all of that for you. Starting from starting up your company to making sure it flourishes is the job of a CA. 


So, if you are looking for a list of ca in patna, you have reached the right destination. Now no more need to look for ca in Patna or the best ca firm in patna! 


Especia Associates is one of the top ca firms in patna. The team of Especia Associates is an emerging and leading ca advisory firm which is extending its horizon by stepping into different cities in the country. 


All about Especia Associates LLP 


In 2010, we were just a small ca advisory firm. We began this journey from one of the greenest and commercial hubs of India, Noida. We started from there, and now we are stretching and lengthening our roots to different cities. 


We are a group of proficient, skillful, and rigorously trained ca professionals pledged to serve our customers with utmost professionalism. We provide you with a highly efficient and super effective and extensive range of business and financial services. We are here to deliver our best ca in patna and facilities as we are one of the emerging and top ca firms in patna.     


With utmost dedication, we started this firm to help and support budding companies and businesses to grow and touch the soaring blue sky. We offer profuse services so that your company can grow. We are a one-stop for all services. 


Our mission is to create a healthy, competitive-free environment so that businesses can focus on the bright future. Our highly skilled and trained professionals will advise you with the best strategies and plans. We value our customers' privacy and time. 


Our team is a group of professionals CA who are determined to work with high dedication, and their priority is you! Our professionalism has made us one of the top ca firms in patna and India.  


We have successfully served 500+ clients nationally and internationally. We have provided our services to leading international brands like Harley Davidson, Genpact, and many more. We have our offshoring assignment operations in the UK, USA, Canada, and Australia. So, you can trust one of the best ca firm in patna!   


Our Services 


We provide different kinds of services that Especia offers are: 


  • CFO Services
  • Valuation Services
  • GST Services 
  • CS (Company Secretariat) Services 
  • Domestic and International Tax 
  • Account Outsourcing Services
  • India Entry Services 
  • Statutory Auditory Services 

CA services by Especia 


The various CA services ca firm in patna our will provide you with: 


  1. GST Registration
  2. FDI Compliance 
  3. Tax filing 
  4. Bookkeeping and Outsourcing 
  5. Company formation and registration 
  6. Trademark Registration 
  7. FSSAI Registration 
  8. Annual Company Filing 


When you give us responsibility, you step back and relax. From then onwards your company's growth and profitability is our sector to work. We will provide you with the best market strategies that will enhance your company's performance and productivity. You will see the change in results.   


We also will take care of everything related to the Income Tax Department or with the GST procedure. We are here to free you from all the tensions. Your primary focus should be on the growth and functioning of the company and not these legal processes. We will handle the legal and financial work. 


We will assist you with all the requirements needed for GST registrations. Our team will help you in sending professional replies to all the Income Tax notices. You don't have to worry about the GST filing due dates because we are here for you. We'll remind you of all the important things and crucial dates. 


We value our customers' time and money. That's why we even deliver virtual CFO services. Best quality but online! We will make the reports and keep track of your finances and your company's growth. Maintaining the financial records of your company is our job. We will even give our insights and feedback that is important for the growth of the company. 


We'll help you with managing the company's cash flow and profitability. We'll analyze all the market risks for you and give out the best and professional advice. We want the best for you. 


There is a list of ca in patna, but we are the best. Especia Associates is one of the top ca firms in patna. We provide you with the best ca in patna.


So, if you are looking for the best ca firm in patna, don't hesitate to contact us. You search for us on Google, and you'll find us there. You can contact us and ask for professional help anytime and at an optimal rate. If you want more details about our services, you can read them on our website today.