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Whether it is a small business, start-up, or major corporation, every type of business requires the assistance of a chartered accountant. With Especia, getting in contact with a reputed chartered accountant has never been easier. You no longer have to scour an endless list of ca in Lucknow. Especia Associates LLP is a chartered accountant firm that provides customizable and efficient deliverables to clients all across India. 

Ever since our establishment, we have slowly and gradually climbed the ranks and have established ourselves as one of the leading ca firms in Lucknow and all over the world. We at Especia are committed to helping our clients become more adaptive, globally effective, and innovative by offering CA services, Account outsourcing services, valuation services, and CFO services. 

Our online CA services offer our clients the expertise and insights of seasoned financial professionals. Since you’ll only pay for the services you pay, our services are cost-effective while simultaneously being time-effective for your business. Plus, our services go beyond the standard responsibilities an in-house chartered accountant will undertake. This includes providing strategic financial management and forecasting insights, managing the company’s cash flows, tackling financial challenges, and coming up with strategies to expand your business.   

Services provided by the top ca firms in Lucknow.

Valuation Services- Especia has completed over 250 valuations in India, making it one of the leading valuation firms in India. Their valuation services include- Fund Raising Valuation, ESOP Valuation, Business Valuation, Brand valuation, RBI valuation, Fairness Opinion Valuation, SEBI Valuation, Income Tax Valuation, Convertible Instrument Valuation, Registered Valuer, Sweat Equity Valuation, Start-up Valuation, Equity Valuation, Valuation under IBC, amongst many other valuation services. 

Account Outsourcing Services- Especia offers professional accounting and bookkeeping outsourcing services both online and offline. The cope of services under Especia's account outsourcing services includes bank reconciliations, payroll preparation, employee reimbursement services, management reporting, books consolidation, compliances, month-end/year-end financial reporting, preparation of accounts payable, and receivable. 

CFO Services- The chief financial officer is an important part of all businesses, big and small. They play a very important role in providing their professional expertise and advice in all financial and compliance matters. Especia offers part-time and interim CFO services to businesses without enough resources to hire an in-house full-time CFO. 

India Entry Services- India has become a favourite spot for multi-national corporations to set up their businesses. Especia offers India Entry Service providers to foreign companies from Japan, the US, UK, Korea, China, and other countries to set up their establishments in India. 

GST Services- The Goods and Service Tax act is extensive literature that stipulates various provisions and regulations that all companies operating in India must abide by. Under Especia's GST Services, GST experts help companies file GST returns and offer GST advisory, GST audit, GST assessment services.  

Domestic and International Tax Services- Businesses have to pay huge penalties if they don’t comply with tax regulations. Therefore, businesses that operate domestically and internationally benefit from Especia’s domestic taxation and international taxation services. Especia offers tax-related consulting, tax audit, tax advisory, and day-to-day direct tax services, along with tax risk management. 

Company Secretary Services- Especia offers retainer or company secretary services as virtual CS outsourcing to funded start-ups and multinational corporations. 

Statutory Audit Services- Statutory audits are mandatory under various legislations and regulatory bodies. A practising chartered accountant can only execute statutory audits. Especia offers statutory along with other laws audit services. 

How to find ca firms in Lucknow and the top ca in Lucknow?

Especia Associates LLP is one of India's leading top chartered accountants' services with an active online presence. To get a consultation with Especia, you don't have to visit our office in Noida, Delhi NCR physically. We offer online, and on-call consultations from our team of expert chartered accountants and financial managers. 

To avail of our services or consult with us regarding our services or financial matters, you can simply fill out our consultation form. Within 24 hours, one of the best-chartered accountants in Lucknow will contact you for further assistance. You can even call us at +91-9711021268 or message us on WhatsApp at +91-9310165114. 

Benefits of choosing an online ca in Lucknow

The benefits of choosing the best online ca in Lucknow (aka Especia) are as follows- 

  1. Especia’s chartered accountant services are economical. Our packages are developed with small businesses and start-ups in mind. Plus, you will only be paying us for the services that you use.
  2. Especia has a team of chartered accountants, financial managers, and chief financial officers that are readily available at your service. 
  3. Especia and its services are even more beneficial for you if you are a start-up because we strive to support start-up culture. Especia offers a wide range of services: CFO services for Startups, support services, legal services for start-ups, and services for tech start-ups. Our fee structure aims to support start-ups from their initial days. 
  4. We have a vibrant portfolio of satisfied domestic and international clients who have engaged with our services for extended periods. 
  5. Our services are designed to provide effective and highly customizable deliverables to clients across all sectors. We strive to provide industry-specific accounting and financial solutions to telecom, technology, hospitality, restaurant, shipping, logistics, retail, wholesale, manufacturing, and healthcare.

How can you hire the services of the top ca in Lucknow online?

Getting in contact with the top ca in Lucknow has never been easier. Thanks to the internet, individuals and businesses alike can avail themselves of the services of professional chartered accountants with years of experience. Just type in and fill in your contact information. 

Simply click on the ‘Get Consultation Now’ tab on our menu bar or call us at (+91)-9711021268 or drop a message on WhatsApp at +91-9310165114 to reach us. And within 24 hours of submission, an experienced financial manager will contact you to discuss your requirements in further detail. 

If you are on the lookout to find the best ca in Lucknow or wish to find the top ca firms in Lucknow for online CA-related services, accounting outsourcing services, valuation services, or tax-compliance-related services, then contact Especia today.

  • Accounting and bookkeeping are very hard and time-consuming, and you do not get paid for them. If you have to do it manually, you can easily lose your data.
  • A Chartered Accountant firm provides accounting and business advisory services.
  • Taking care of your finances is very hard and time-consuming, and you do not get paid for it. If you have to do it manually, you can easily lose your data.

  • Create a list of firms that have good reviews and are a good fit for your needs.
  • Ask them all the questions you have in mind and ask for any references.
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