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Today's leading companies, regulations, legal, and accounting environments require robust and independent evaluation services aligned with the practices accepted by the world. We have special experience to provide such evaluation services to our global customers and customers in India. Our opinions are based on vast experiences and configuration in corporate and asset assessment. Indian Business Evaluation Services Consultant teams also welcome the technical knowledge and the training required to meet the situation related to the complex evaluation where the client needs solutions. 

We provide business valuation services concerning:

➤Determination of prices/financing of negotiation and strategic management for the reconstruction and sale.

➤Purpose, investment tests, investment of demands, as an investment, provided by business assessment services concerning the purpose of financial reports, including arbitration examinations. 

➤Conflict resolution, debt, hybrids, and convertible products are trademarks, trademarks, portfolio risk capital, intellectual property, private capital funds, and other financial investment financial instruments.

➤Financing and strategic management purposes.

➤Intangibles like trademark, brand, Intellectual property, and many more.

What are business valuation services?

A business valuation is a process of estimating the monetary value of a company or business unit. This valuation may be used to assess the fair worth of a company for a variety of purposes, including selling value, partner ownership, taxation, and even divorce procedures.

The precise valuation of the market is determined by thoroughly undertaking business and company assessments based on consistency and quantity. Businesses or companies should examine how frequently firms are enthusiastic about dissolving or trading to meet the required capital expenditure figure. Prospective buyers may also utilize these valuation services to research targeted start-ups and small and medium-sized companies.

Especia is the largest independent provider of business valuation services. It is one of the leading firms in this line of business and constitutes a group of highly skilled Chartered Accountants. 

Why is business valuation undertaken?

  • To offer a product, brand, or a portion of a business for sale
  • Negotiations and commercial benefit
  • To calculate the equity stake
  • Aids founders in the evaluation of their businesses.
  • Insolvencies, mergers, and takeovers can all benefit from joint venture agreements.

What are the benefits of a business valuation?

➤Improved Understanding of Company Assets: It is critical to do a thorough analysis of the company. Estimates are not suitable since they are widely used. Companies can obtain appropriate insurance coverage to determine how much money they can invest in the firm for advantage.

➤Gaining Access to More Financiers: Business owners must also offer potential investors an appraisal estimate based on their funding. Buyers want to know where their money is going and how much they are getting back. 

➤Assessing Company Resale Worth: This strategy will begin long before the product is released in the marketplace since developers may obtain a better valuation while taking longer to increase the company's value.

➤Start-up valuations: This enables investors and developing firms to manage stock ownership in the face of uncertainty. We also assist start-ups in evaluating equities while raising capital.

➤Audit Assistance: Business valuation experts advocate for the auditing of models, effective platform pricing, fair value evaluations, and so on.

➤Transaction Advisory: It offers model testing, coordination analysis for M&A research, DCF and LBO design, assessment of equity models, calculation of the optimal debt, preparation of pitch papers and memorandums of knowledge, and other services.

➤Gain an Accurate Value Of the company: It is critical for major firms to understand the value, retention of money, growth trend, and potential direction.

How Can We Help?

At Especia Associates LLP, our team of expert professionals renders services pertaining to all your business valuation needs. We undertake Brand & Intangibles Valuation Services, Equity and Business Valuation Services, and ESOPs & Sweat Equity Valuation Services.

We use DCF, NAV, FMV, LBO, SOTP, and other methods that meet regulatory and legal protocols. The services we extend are as follows:

  • Valuation of venture capital and private equity units
  • Business Valuation during acquisitions and mergers
  • Valuation advice for Joint Venture Partners and minority shareholders
  • Valuation for legal and compliance needs like RBI valuation, FDI valuation, or FEMA valuation 
  • Valuation at the time of the firm's purchase or sale
  • Evaluation as an "Expert Witness"
  • Valuation for financial reporting purposes, ensuring IND AS and IFRS compliance (wherever needed)

Why Especia?

Especia is among the top Business valuation firms in India, having accomplished over 250 valuations for various deals. We have an expert workforce of trained professionals who recognize each sector and develop a comprehensive approach to the valuation assignment accordingly. We serve all major industries in India, including start-ups and corporations, and thereby, to all of their business valuation services’ needs.

The calculation is concise: business value = assets (less) liabilities. Your company's assets include everything with a monetary worth that can be turned into cash, such as property investment, stock, or infrastructure.

The multiple is stipulated in the contract based on the start-up's growth pace. A business growing by 40% per year could get a multiple of 6-10, but a firm growing by 10% would only earn a multiple worth 1 or 2.

When performing a business valuation, five major approaches are used: comparative studies, profitability, residual, contractors, and investment. When determining the commercial or rental worth of an asset, a property valuation agency could employ either or several of these approaches.

8 typical strategies for valuing a startup:

  1. Method of Scorecard Valuation
  2. The Venture Capital Method
  3. The Berkus Method
  4. The Book Value Method
  5. Method of Comparable Transactions
  6. Method for Summarizing Risk Factors
  7. The Discounted Cash Flow Method
  8. The Cost-to-Duplicate Method

The business valuation can assist you in determining the property's fair total worth as per the market norms. A valuation specialist will come to your home and analyze its current value in the real and financial estate markets, taking into account all of the elements that influence a home's value.

It is computed as the market price of the company's assets (less) the external liabilities owed by the same. A company valuation may be required for a variety of reasons, including net-worth certification, inheritance, lawsuits, public offering, partner exit, firm sale, or new investors.

The Venture Capital (VC) Valuation Approach is a useful evaluation method for determining a start-up’s pre-money valuation.

A VC startup assessment expresses the investor's point of view. They are hoping for a big exit to reimburse them for taking the risk of making an investment in the startup. First, the investment's projected exit price is calculated. From there, one determines the post-money valuation at present, taking into consideration the time, cost, and risk that the investors are willing to accept.

Discounted Cash Flow Analysis or DCF

Because it is the most accurate, DCF is by far the most mathematically correct of all valuation methodologies.

Business valuations are essential for all firms, not simply those that are being purchased or sold.

Many scenarios, including shareholder conflicts, share option programs, employee stock, mergers and acquisitions, and corporate reorganizations may need valuations.

Traditionally, business valuation is established by one-time sales within a certain range and two-times sales revenue. This indicates that the company's valuation might range between $1-2 million, depending on the multiple chosen.

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