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Especia is one of the leading providers of Valuation of Brands, Valuation of Intangible Assets, Goodwill, and Intellectual Property Valuation Service provider in Delhi NCR including Noida & Gurgaon & All over India.

Brands & Intangible Assets are now around everything. You live around these Brands & Intangibles. If you see yourself around & you will find a lot of brands from your Clothing’s to your Accessories, to Your Car, Watches, To Where you go to any Restaurants, Just anything and everything.

Brief Categories of Intangible Assets /Brands /Intellectual Assets for Valuation of Brands, Intangible Assets, Intangible Valuation, Intellectual Property & Valuation of Companies

  • Patents: This provides a right to the new inventor for a particular period of time. This is a lot of time-related to Pharmaceutical & Technology companies. Some of the examples of Successful patents are The Light Bulb, Telephone, The Computer, Bluetooth & The Google Page Rank. Especia is one of the leading Patents Valuation service firms in India.
  • Trademarks: This gives ownership for a Phrase or Symbol that gives a different image for that product or service in the Society. Some of the Popular Trademarks are Google, Walmart, Vodafone, Rolex, Kodak, Victoria Secret. Especia is one of the leading Trademarks & Brand Valuation Services firm in India.
  • Franchises: This is a type of license that an owner party allows others to use this particular license in a particular territory. Some Examples of Franchises are Mcdonalds, Dominos, KFCs, Pizza hut & Baskin robbins. Especia is one of the Intellectual property valuation service providers in India for all Franchise valuation.
  • Other Intangibles can be Goodwill Valuation, Copyrights Valuation, Internet Domain Names, Trade Secrets & a lot of others. Especia can help you in your end to end Valuation requirements for all Intangibles valuation in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, NCR & other parts of India.

Simple 3 Steps involved in your Valuation of Intangibles in India:

  1. Sharing of Preliminary Checklist based on the Client’s requirement.
  2. Preparation of Draft Intangibles or Brand Valuation Report for review.
  3. Discussions and Submission of Final Intangible Valuation Report.

Reasons why we need an Intangible Valuation in India?

  • For Annual Financials closure
  • For Business Restructuring such as Mergers, Acquisitions & Business Combinations
  • For reporting under IFRS, US GAAP and Indian GAAP
  • Joint-venture negotiations (e.g. to prevent overpayment)
  • Investor relations
  • Licensing and Franchising in India to set Franchise fees & Royalty terms.
  • For Funds in Business- Through Loans & Other modes
  • Change Management perspective towards Brands Industry in India.
  • IFRS 1 Valuation: First-time adoption of International Financial Reporting standards
  • Valuation of Intangibles under IFRS 3 or Joint Venture arrangements.

Few Methods for Brands & Intangibles Valuation in India:

Especia provides services on Valuation of Brands, Valuation of Intangible Assets, Intangible Valuation, Valuation of Intellectual Property, Valuation of Companies, Valuation of Industrial Property, IFRS 3, IFRS 1.

These all methods are dependent on a case to case basis & need a preliminary interaction on our Valuation requirement to submit the best possible way to go ahead for any Intangibles Valuation Services.

If you are looking for Any Brand or Intangibles Valuation, You can write to us at

A brand is a name, term, design, symbol, or other feature that distinguishes an organisation or product from its rivals in the eyes of the customer.

Intangible assets are nonphysical assets that provide a long-term economic benefit but don’t have a physical form.

Intangible assets are often overlooked when it comes to valuation, but they can be some of the most important assets a company has. Branding, for example, can create significant shareholder value.

The process of valuing a brand depends on the specific circumstances and objectives of the valuation. Generally speaking, though, the process involves estimating the revenue or cost savings associated with the brand and then conducting a Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) analysis to determine the present value.

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