Accounts Receivable Services

    • One of the simplest ways to save money
    • One of the best in providing accounting receivable services in Delhi NCR and other parts of India since 2010.
    • Design to provide solutions for different industries 
    • Deliver high quality and save the operational cost of 30 to 50 percent, increasing bandwidth of CFO by 30 to 40 percent.
    • Provide solutions for invoices in cash/bank reconciliations/management reporting, and many more.
    • Providing clients with high expertise and satisfaction.
    • Access easily to reports and account records.
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Especia provides one of the best Accounting receivable services in Delhi NCR and other parts of India. They help startups or cooperate or foreign companies for account receivable outsourcing services. Their highly experienced services provide at most satisfaction to their clients across sectors. They serve more than 100+ businesses and provide industry-specific solutions. Especia provides highly defined work performance and helps increase the bandwidth of CFO by at least 25%. 

Accounts receivable services help a company to seamlessly deal with their financial matters such as their accounting which helps in easy generation and cash flow in the company. These services make quicker payment easily accessible providing high income. This helps the company collect fast payments within the necessary period and ensures improvement of their collection rates and the fast process in invoices leading to increases in cash flow.

Accounts Receivable Services Provided

We provide accounts receivable services to customers worldwide, including customers in the United Kingdom and the United States. 

-Provides a wide range of end-to-end solutions

-AR aging reporting services

-Accounts receivable factoring service

-Real estate sector accounts receivable

-Billing and shipping after customer approval

-Income recording and posting 

-Enter accounts receivable transactions into the accounting system

-Creating and delivering recurring bills

-Credit issuance and a customer-approved refund check

-Management of accounts receivable books of subsidiaries

-Implementation of customer-approved process adjustments

-Apply incoming cash to the customer account and resolve defaults 

-Creating an accounts receivable report 

-Accounts receivable management (AR withdrawal management) service

Benefits of Outsourced Accounts Receivable services

Account Receivable Service is one of the most important functions which involves the flow of money into a company. Outsourcing Accounts solve many problems, such as Accounts that face problems while accounting and processing bulk transactions; they solve this problem by handling these processes smoothly with optimum resources. 


They provide fast processing services with the help of their dedicated management team of accounts receivable. In this way, they help the organization by not wasting their important time and also by increasing their efficiency. 

Using Latest Software.

They help perfectly in handling the financial records with minimum mistakes using advanced software. This also helps them track the receivable accounts generating reports and charts, which gives the organizations a better view of understanding and analyzing their account statements.

Software used

We offer the best value for your investment 

We adhere to industry best practices and implement powerful automation processes to provide key accounts receivable outsourcing services. 

We are familiar with the following financial and accounting software: QuickBooks

How to do checkmark MultiLedger M.Y.O.B?

Our experts can strategically integrate this software with the following major financial systems: 

SAP JD Edwards Oracle PeopleSoft Lawson

Decreasing Bad Debts.

Especia's firm provides paid commissions to the organizations only when they cover all the dues by this process; they help the organization persuade recovery strategies and timely payments. This method also helps the organization to maintain its balance from huge debts.

Fast Collections.

These methods of timely collection of money help the faster gathering of the overdue amount to be recovered by this you will gain a huge advantage affecting your cash flow.

Process of Accounts Receivable services:

Credit practices

To get provided with this service, the company needs to apply for a credit application process, after which it is decided the offering of credit to other businesses. This business also must fulfill some terms and conditions of credit deals confirming federal laws by using a loan.


The client or business is provided by a receipt on receiving these services, which generally comprises data of these services and payment dates. These invoices can be retrieved easily with the help of their unique number. They are also received in both electrical as well as physical form according to the choice of the client or customer.

Monitoring and Accounting - Account Receivable Services

After finishing invoices, now the client can track account receivables. The account receivable officer helps to maintain the AR ledger that keeps the official financial statement properly because of its monthly statements to its client. This helps the customers get provided with their dues left to recover.

The Account department also inspects these unpaid debts and helps the company to recover these due amounts as fast as possible to avoid the risk of bad debts.

Cons in  Outsource Account Receivables

There is always a risk of error due to last-minute accounting. Moreover, outsourcing account receivables can be costly, having you less control over your receivables. They also have a lack of defined processes due to unorganized structure and no proper reporting of sites and locations.

Accountant Receivable Offerings

Especia is one of the leading firms in India providing these services. This service helps in the growth of their business using the latest accounting software for industry-specific systems. They also provide invoices to cash, Management reporting, and bank reconciliations. There is a team of specialists providing the best assistance in Accounts Receivable Services.

Scope of the services

By adopting an innovative approach to handle customer accounts receivable features, apart from the traditional benefits of improved cash flow management and control, time, and money savings, some unique values are listed below. Suggestions are provided. 

1)Controlling DSO days and reducing process gaps with collection 

2)Timely resolution of requests posted to the help desk using log data records 

3)There is no auto-configurable MIS

4) collection monitoring AR for collection and standard settings Allow Expired category for no reason

The main priority of account receivable services is to minimize the processing cost while also maintaining a good relationship with their customers. They also determine these charges before sending the bill of services that they have provided.

Especia provides experienced professionals in managing your financial matters or accounts. They adopt and deliver their services using new software technologies, including Microsoft Dynamics 365, Tally, Netsuite, Quickbooks, Payroll software, Business Intelligence tool, and Dashboard for work and time efficiency.

Especia has been one of the leading Accounting outsourcing services all over India since 2010. They help provide industry-specific solutions to sell accounting outsourcing services to different types of startups, small and medium enterprises, corporates, and foreign companies. Their main priority is to provide satisfaction to their customers with the help of their highly experienced management team leading to their efficiency and saving time. They also provide a high-quality infrastructure, which provides uninterrupted 24/7-hour backup supply as well as high speed, which provides their qualified Chartered Accountant and Management team to work efficiently.

The most important reason is that it helps the company to save money. 

➤It also helps in budget creation as well as management.

➤Helps in reducing finance processing costs by at least 25%, increasing bandwidth by 30 to 40 percent, which provides financial support and solves problems.

➤Making payments more efficient and faster than before.

➤Maintaining operations to meet future requirements.

➤Providing easy access to reports and accounting records.

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