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Especia's Best Accounts Payable Services in the USA Our

The evolution of accounts payable has shifted from transaction and tactical-focused processes to strategic and digital processes. The account payable services in the USA focus on the optimization of working capital, which results in greater savings. It not only helps to improve the supplier relationship, but also results in savings for the business.

Our Expertise in Accounts Payable

ESPECIA helps enterprises and business companies create greater value and transform accounts payable processes by optimizing working capital and operating costs. We offer transparency and greater control that results in the effectiveness of our strategy through the delivery of bottom-line capital savings and standardization.

Streamlined Accounts Payable Solutions

From scanning, processing, and invoice receiving to exceptional management and payment reconciliation, our end-to-end payable services help entrepreneurs and businessmen streamline the whole payment process. We deliver improved compliance services with faster cycles and enable dynamic discounts, value adds, and optimization of batch payments.

How Our Accounts Payable Services Work

First, we receive invoices from our clients and complete verification. We clear every query of our clients and move to the management process. This procedure is followed by invoice scanning as well as indexing. The invoices are converted to images and also kept in the E-library. Checking and verification of invoices are followed by matching, parking, and posting procedures. After the invoice is processed in the mailroom, creditors are analysed, and the file of payment is prepared and uploaded. After our clients have approved the invoice, it is eventually uploaded.

Accounts Payable Services We Offer

1. Matching Invoices with Purchase Orders, We offer an automatic process for invoice data capturing with purchase orders. With the latest technology, such as OCR, we ensure the accurate extraction of invoice data. All essential information and invoice data are uploaded after capturing it to the ERP system. The whole process is accomplished by multi-level quality checks to ensure error-free compliance and data capturing.

2. Processing Purchase Orders Our account payable services include processing purchase orders. It includes confirming and specifying the actual need for goods and services before finalizing the purchase. In addition, it also includes processing auditing results and processing payments.

3. Processing Debit Memos, Our services include debit memos processing. The correction to the invoices through an automatic process and make them error-free. You can easily send a debit memo if you accidentally sent an invoice with mistakes. This helps to increase the level of the invoice and correct it after it's sent. You can also use these memos to update your accounting books.

4. Processing Standard Pricing Information We offer uniform prices for our products and services that are pre-established. It is also based on the analysis of competitive market position.

5. Preparation and Processing of AR Aging Reports Our service providers also offer preparation as well as the processing of AR aging reports. It includes information about receivables and invoices based on a particular invoice age. We offer a versatile historical overview of your receivables for your management and billing. In addition, we also divide invoices into particular outstanding categories based on periods they have remained unpaid.

6. Processing of Monthly AP Ledgers We are also highly invested in processing the monthly accounts payable ledger. We understand the importance of outstanding amount payable highlights and specific payable information such as amount payable, order quantity, invoice number, invoice date, and others.

7. Processing of Monthly Sales Tax We keep a check of monthly sales tax so that you can give attention to the areas of your business that require more attention. We process monthly sales tax through automatic software before they become late or liability for you.

Benefits of Outsourcing Accounts Payable


The service providers will handle your assignment effectively, freeing you up to focus on other urgently needed chores for business management.


Our service providers keep track of your payments and due dates. They also make certain that debt payments are made on time.


We make it a priority to lessen your reliance on staff members for specific tasks and processes. This aids in cutting back on overhead expenses.


Our service providers use sophisticated account payable automation processes and technologies to ensure there are no errors.

Transforming Accounts Payable

1. Advanced Technology for Efficient Accounts Payable

We offer advanced technology for account payable automation as well as digital invoicing through AI technology and utilizing ML. These solutions and technology ensure better information security, information flow, smoother transactions, and verification, and identify bottlenecks before they become a huge liability. The software ensures that relevant data is extracted from invoices and validated against required and relevant documents.

2. Customizable Accounts Payable Solutions

There are various account payable solutions that can be customized. The software that helps in the automatic process can be customized according to your needs. You can also set up custom approval and assign a budget automatically. You can also automate bill payment and bill capture procedures. The approvals can be gained from accounting checkers, finance checkers, business approvals, and tax checkers until the final payout. Manual payments are eliminated through two-way synchronization of accounting software.

3. Secure and Compliant Accounts Payable Services

Our team ensures compliant and secure account payable services. Our software is accompanied by multiple-level security to reduce risk and prevent fraud. We ensure regulatory compliance of account payable invoices with every legislation. We also make sure that legislation and taxes are fulfilled before they become a great problem. We look for and solve late payments, conflicts, duplicate payments, and poor visibility of invoice payments through our secure account payable services.

Why Choose Our Accounts Payable Services

1. Timely Invoices Payment: Complete automatic aspect of every invoice management resulting in timely payments of invoices.

2. Regular Interval Reports: Generated at multiple levels to analyze and finalize them until they are finally sent to the client for their approval. Cross-checking invoices regularly with the company.

3. Compliant With All Legislation: Every invoice and issue check complies with all legislation and business requirements.

4. Confidentiality of Data Shared: Maintaining the confidentiality and security of data shared at every level throughout the whole process and post-examining.

5. Examining Every Paid Invoice and Issued Check: Examining and managing every paid invoice as well as issues check at multiple levels, including reports and error correction.

6. Expert Consultancy at a Fraction of the Cost: Get the best consultancy in all aspects of accounts services, including account payable services, at a fraction of the cost.

7. Error-Free Processing of Invoices: ⅔ way matching procedures are used for processing invoices and making them error-free.

8. No Capital Investment in the Purchase of Costly Software: No capital investment is required during the purchase of costly software. A proper software package is provided with proper payment information with various advantages and features, including electronic payments and discounts.

9. Digitization of Hard Copies Related to AP: Hard copies related to accounts payable and invoices are digitized and converted into images that are easy to read.

Expertise and Experience

Expertise and Experience

Especia has a team of experienced and qualified accountants who deeply understand the latest accounting practices and regulations in the USA. They have a proven track record of providing Top-Notch Accounting services to clients across various industries.

Customised Services

Customised Services
To satisfy each client's particular demands and expectations, Especia provides specialised accounting services. in order to create individualised solution that align with their client.s aim and ambitions, it take the time to understand their client's business processes.

Technology-Driven Solutions

Technology-Driven Solutions
Especia Leverages the latest accounting technologies and software to provide its clients with real time access to their financial data. This enables clients to make informed business decisions based on accurate and up-to-date information.

Competitive pricing

Competitive Pricing
Customers receive premium services at a reasonable price because of Especia's Competitive pricing for accounting services. They provide a range of flexible price options to accommodate their customer's changing needs.

Client-Focused Approach

Client-Focused Approach
Especia prioritizes building long-term relationships with its clients. They have a client-focused approach that ensures that clients receive personalized attention and support throughout their engagement with especia

Compliance and Security

Compliance and Security
Especia understands the importance of compliance and data security. They ensure that their accounting services and compliant with the latest regulations and standards and provide their clients with secure cloud-based storage solution to protect their data from Cyber threats.

Our Accounts Payable Process

Our Accounts Payable Process
400K + INVOICES Processed Last Year <p><strong>400K +</strong><br /><strong>INVOICES</strong><br /><strong>Processed Last Year</strong></p>

400K +
Processed Last Year

10+ m TRANSACTIONS Processed Last Year <p><strong>10+ Million </strong><br /><strong>TRANSACTIONS </strong><br /><strong>Processed Last Year</strong></p>

10+ Million
Processed Last Year

75% DECREASED Invoicing Time <p><strong>75%</strong> <br /><strong>DECREASED</strong> <br /><strong>Invoicing Time</strong></p>

Invoicing Time

100+ DEDICATED Accounting Teams <p><strong>100+ </strong><br /><strong>DEDICATED</strong><br /><strong> Accounting Teams</strong></p>

Accounting Teams

Account payable compliance means that every document has superior government and improved accountability with respect to reporting standards and required legislation.

The main functions of accounts payable include posting business transactions, calculating transactions, verifying financial data, invoice processing, etc., and maintaining their records.

Some different types of accounts payable include loan payable, wages payable, taxes payable, non-trade payable, trade payable, etc. Some of these categories are handled by accounts payable systems, while payroll systems handle others.

Account payable invoice includes the process of executing payments, routing invoices, recording, and receiving invoices. The whole procedure is complex and requires multiple approvals at the same and different stages.

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