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Accounting plays a very important role in your business expenses and financial statements. 

Understanding that these services are helpful to attain and acknowledge the organization's economy is necessary. 

From a little detailed paperwork to a purchase of a highly expensive acid asset, you will have to track your expenses. 

And accounting services will make your job easy in understanding your organization's budget.

This accounting can be recorded in various forms of paper and documents. They include various services to help you understand and maintain a clean sheet of your purchases and tax payments.

Let's briefly explain what accounting services mean and offer in the city of Kolkata.

What Are Accounting Services in Kolkata?

  • Accounting is to create precise financial documents and record statements of the company's production, purchases, and taxes.
  • The services are based on the type of the company, economy, market value, purchases, and many other factors.
  • Through proper analysis, accounting also offers a brief report of the history of transactions of the company and advises with profitable approaches.
  • Accounting services also identify the company's negative impacts and ensure that they are rectified or controlled.

What do Accounting Services Include?

General accounting is about tracking expenses and creating records of financial statements. 

The services include tax and answers preparation and concentration with the final verdict on the entire company profile. It is mostly about record keeping, documents, and other financial reports.

However, these services or record keeping include bills, payment transactions, taxes purchases, payrolls, and complete general ledgers. This entire process can be termed record-keeping or bookkeeping.

Types of Accounting you Get in Kolkata:

Accounting services include many variations based on different factors and categories.

  • Public Accounting:

This is based on an individual accounting service. These services are directly provided to the clients. As certified public accountants, CPAs prepare the company's financial report. They also assist with tax filing and other advisories for business growth.

  • Government Accounting:

Government accounting varies from public accounting. This is more specific and is analyzed for government entities. This process includes a complete summary of the financial history of the company. These services specifically require skilled accountants to do the job.

  • Management Accounting:

This is analyzed for small businesses. The services include a complete budget structure and flow and cash. This helps in understanding the profit and loss of the company. The revenue that is calculated is completely dependent on the type of business. You can make any short-term and long-term decisions on the basis of this information.

  • Internal Auditing:

Auditing is based on the analysis of every legal approach and other negative impacts on the company. Fraud, mismanagement, financial waste, and management practice come under this. This includes environmental auditing, technical auditing, and compliance auditing.

  • Tax Accounting:

This will be about the taxes applied and tax payments. The income tax paid and other taxes are analyzed. From the acquired information, the company is advised on unnecessary tax payments and ways to eradicate them.

  • Chartered Accounting:

This is a processed professional practice. This service offers taxation, payment tracking, auditing, accounting, and financial assessment, all as a whole.

  • Accounting Auditing:

Accounting auditing is to record and study the financial statements involving the physical properties, assets, real estate, and other forms of equipment in possession.

  • Forensic Accounting:

The missing accounts of taxes are formed and found. For this process to be done smoothly, the company must be transparent about its investments and other fraudulent payments.

  • Bookkeeping:

Bookkeeping is an entire process where the entire profile of company transactions is recorded. A bookkeeper maintains a record or ledger in hard copy or stabilized software.

  • Bank Reconciliation:

With the bookkeeping records, the comparison of the company's financial statements is made. This is useful for identifying the mistakes that lead to a drop in the economy. Then the errors are rectified by the bookkeeper. The payment receipts and bills are compared to the bank statements to maintain the same output. This will reveal if any transactions are going wrong., which can be helpful for the finance.

  • Accounts Payable:

Tracking the accounts payable with present and future expenses is done. The accounts payable are recorded with the expenditures of the present and future. Every transaction should be recorded in the account statement. This will help you to plan your expenses for further and upcoming purchases.

  • Accounts Receivable:

Accounts receivable are sources of revenue. The credited amount or the payment extension is recorded when a product is bought from the company. When the payment is made, accounts receivable hold up the information of the particular transaction.

  • Payroll Process:

His is definitely a task in accounting. Firstly, the information of the employee is calculated. Then the performance and contribution are evaluated (this can be done through revenue per employee. Check our services on the revenue per employee). With the complete data that is collected, the payrolls are decided. The permitted payroll, approval, recording, and submitting payrolls and employee issues are addressed.

  • Entity Formation:

The business entities or operations that are already existing are calculated and analyzed. With proper entities, the registration of the organization, license, permits, and other employee identification numbers are gained.

  • Financial controller services:

These services supervise and focus on seeing the work being done. They go through the company's commercial zones. They assign work to employees, generate work production, and have a complete record of the work level of the organization.

Importance and Necessity Of Accounting Services For your Business in Kolkata

Accounting services are important to understand the business economy structure, like any other services. 

This will help in legal and healthy expense tracking of the organization. Some of the beneficiary factors that support the importance of accounting services are as follows:

  • It helps you understand the business's functioning in different categories and as a whole organization.
  • It makes making any financial and investing decisions easy with visible financial tracking reports.
  • Answering the officials with a proper insight into the expense and the business transactions. This will make the meetings professional and engaging with the data available.
  • Precision and the follow-up of the accounting, an all-year statement of the expense structure can be easily formed.
  • To run an efficient business with clear information. This will eventually result in the profitable rise of the company.

1. Evaluation of business performance:

It helps in analyzing the finances and performance of the company. You can also form a budget structure and gross income valuation. 

This will result in understanding the business position and value in the market. With this, you can develop strategies for more revenue and quality of the organization.

2. Proper budget and future structure:

Since you will have a financial record and statements of expenses, you can prepare a proper budget and future planning. This will help in further planning, which will be beneficial for upcoming ventures.

3. Filing financial statements:

When you have a complete brief report of your expenses, you can file your financial statements. 

When the time is right, these filed statements can be savers. Including legal allegations or any fraud, these statements will be valuable information.

4. Tax maintenance:

Tracking taxes and tax payments will help maintain and understand tax values. The liabilities, GST, and other funds will be addressed. And with accurate accounting, the tax will be reasonable and reasonable in the end.

Accounting services Offered in Kolkata by ESPECIA

ESPECIA offers a wide range of accounting services. The services vary based on availability, requirement, type of business, analysis, and other factors. 

We offer professional services that our many clients trust. And with our technical approach, that work will be easy and fast. 

With our experienced staff of esteemed accountants, any accounting services task will be easy for you. 

Our services are completely based on our experience and your trust.


In a nutshell, accounting services are a precise process of accuracy and perfection in statements. 

This the undoubtedly a prominent factor in any business valuation. It is diversifying based on the requirement, category, necessity, and type of business. 

With proper accounting services, you can achieve a proper and detailed structure of your financial statements. 

This will be helpful in a sudden turn of events like tax management, liabilities, fraud, and other negative impacts on the organization. 

It also creates a clear sense of the expenditure graph. To conclude, this will lead to a safe and secure approach to your company's market status and value.

Regardless of old procedures and not very durable hard copies, ledgers, and all, we provide you with a technical approach. 

We also provide you with many diverse services and accounting. Security is the prime objective. 

With experience and extremely great services, ESPECIA is an impressive and trustworthy choice for your company.

Our services are entirely transparent and will be informative to you as well. We collect information on the basis of the type of service that is required.

Then we analyse and format it under a financial report or structure. Then we will compare the differential statements and form a final analysis. 

This and early will help you to understand the status of your company. And finally, advisory regarding the non-profit and profit ideas, investment, and legal liabilities are discussed.

We offer different accounting service options in ESPECIA on the basis of necessity and demand in the market. 

The following are the service we offer at ESPECIA.

- Bookkeeping services

- Financial accounting advisory

- Virtual accounting services

- Accounts receivable services

- Virtual audit services

- Account reconciliation services

- Payroll management services

- CFO services

- Account outsourcing

- CA services

- Online and cloud accounting services

- Legal process outsourcing

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