Expats taxation


Expats taxation

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Expats taxation

Expatriates are the professionals deployed by the companies to their associated enterprises or subsidiaries in another country, temporarily or permanently. The country in which they are deployed is different from their country of citizenship.

Whether expatriate employee is a resident individual or non-resident individual, the amount received by him as salary for services rendered in India are liable to income tax under the head "salaries". Several provisions like gross-up and average rate of tax make the expats taxation a complex matter.
Our Experts at Especia Associates LLP are well versed in dealing with taxation matters related to expatriates. We adopt the practices that are in the best interest of the expatriates as well as the Indian Company in which they have been deployed.

FRRO registration

Any foreigner national who comes to India for more than 180 days on a student visa, business visa, medical visa or employment visa has to register with Foreign Regional Registration Office (FRRO) within 14 days of arrival in India (24 hours in case of Pakistan Nationals).

How we help?

  • Advising on FRRO registration matters and helping in understanding the terms and conditions of FRRO registration,
  • Assisting in completing the FRRO form and scheduling the interview,
  • Assisting in making a set of required documents at the time of attending the interview.

We also have liaising with the field officers to ensure quick and hassle-free completion of checks and enquiries (only if all the documents are completed and the objective is genuinely correct).

Review of expatriate employment agreement

Every company enters into an employment agreement with the expatriates to discuss the terms and conditions of the employment along with finalising the other provisions of employment.
We review the expatriate employment agreement from both the parties' side - company as well employees. During our review, we ensure that we provide a reasonable assurance about the terms and conditions mentioned in the employment.

Preparation & Computation of Income & Taxes

Expatriates have to take care of certain important provisions while computing their taxable income and the taxes thereon. Complex provisions like "gross-up" etc. have to dealt expertly else income tax authorities may impose severe penalties.

Our expert team assists in computing the income by taking all the relevant provisions into consideration. We also help in claiming the eligible tax deductions which can reduce the overall tax liability.

Preparation & Submission of Income Tax Return

Accurate computation of income is half mission accomplished. We help you in preparing the income tax return in the form prescribed by Income Tax Department.

Our approach in filing income tax return

  • Collecting the data and information related to income and expenses,
  • Preparing the final income tax return in a spreadsheet,
  • Approving the final return from our client,
  • Filing the return on income tax website and sending back the documents and acknowledgement

Income Tax Advisory Matters

We help the expatriates to obtain PAN card from the Income Tax Department. We also help them to obtain other certificates or forms from the income tax authorities which will help them in planning their taxes quickly and efficiently.
Our experts have enormous experience of handling income tax matters for expatriates and our proven methodology and adoption of leading practices help us provide a tax tension free environment to the foreign nationals.

Obtaining Income-tax Clearance from tax authorities

According to provisions of income tax laws, an expatriate cannot leave India before obtaining an Income Tax Clearance Certificate from Assessing Officer who certifies that the expatriate has paid all the due taxes. We help the expatriates in obtaining the income tax clearance certificate from the tax authorities by completing all the formalities and submitting the necessary documents for quick and hassle-free processing. Our experts also help in cancelling all the registrations including FRRO registration that you don't have to face any problem at the time of immigration.