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Standard Operating Procedures

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Standard Operating Procedures

In the growing competitive environment, every organization wants to streamline its operations by structuring the process of conducting the operations.

We conduct primary risk assessments to identify the gaps in the internal control system and probable susceptibilities. We also understand about the existing policies, procedures and authorization matrix in detail. Our SOPs cover important areas like Finance & Accounts, Production, Human Resource Management, Payroll, Stores, Logistics, Sales & Procurement and Admin.

Our approach to prepare the SOPs

  • Discussing the "as-is process" with the executives, managers and top management personnel
  • Documenting the "as-is process" in word format,
  • Recommending the effective alternatives or probable solutions,
  • Incorporating the agreed alternatives in the "as-is process",
  • Discussing the draft SOPs and collecting the inputs,
  • Incorporating the inputs into the draft SOPs and issuing the final SOPs to the management,
  • Following up with the management to ensure due compliance