IPR Valuation Services

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IPR Valuation Services

The IPR valuation process can be obtained by conducting ('even driven') IP audit and background research as well. Companies require intellectual property valuation for numerous critical reasons, including pricing and strategic purposes, to secure financing or for tax compliance. The firm's professionals provide estimations of the useful lives of intangibles and determinations of market royalty rates. Intellectual Property Valuation services include:

  • Charitable donations
  • Formation of intellectual property holding companies
  • Licensing purposes
  • Transfers of intellectual property
  • Valuation of in-process research and development


Intellectual Property Valuation

The concept of valuation of intellectual property and other intangible assets of a company is new as compared to other concepts of intellectual property (IP) law. The value of an IP is a monetary compensation that is expected to be received from licensing of an IP or from sale or exchange of other intangible assets. The intangible assets of a company includes goodwill, trademark, technology, know how, trade secrets etc.

There are mainly three methods of valuation of IP.
- cost based method
- market based method
- economic based method

Valuation Of Intellectual Property And Intangible Assets

Intellectual Property And Intangible Assets are the largest and most powerful companies; it is the foundation for the market dominance and continuing profitability of leading corporations. Valuation is, essentially, a bringing together of the economic concept of value and the legal concept of property. The presence of an asset is a function of its ability to generate a return and the discount rate applied to that return. The cardinal rule of commercial valuation is: the value of something cannot be stated in the abstract; all that can be stated is the value of a thing in a particular place, at a particular time, in particular circumstances. I adhere to this and the questions ‘to whom?’ and ‘for what purpose?’ must always be asked before a valuation can be carried out.

IPR Valuation In India

In the process of nation's capacity building and economic resurgence, the business community within India the last couple of years, beginning with demonetization, GST, Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 (IBC), adherence to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) standards, all these reforms had an impact on the business community so much so that, a recorded jump in IPR for a nation's capacity building is by means of Technology Transfer. While technology transfer from foreign entities via a FDI (envisioned in the Make in India program) or cross-border Mergers and Acquisitions are definite channels for technological advancement and skill enhancement, it is also important that there exists a conducive eco system of technology transfer between the academia, R&D institutions, small, medium and large business organizations.