Due Diligence (Transaction Evaluation)

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Due Diligence (Transaction Evaluation)

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Due Diligence (Transaction Evaluation)

Due to continuous changes in regulations and business environment, valuation has become more complex. To determine any potential issues or drawbacks before taking a major decision related to acquisitions, investment, business partnership or taking a bank loan, Due Diligence becomes a powerful tool. It is a process of conducting research and analysis to help the client make better decisions.

Our dedicated due diligence team assists our clients with financial, legal, tax and environment due diligence.

The Process of conducting Due Diligence:

  • 1.Identifying the objective - merger, acquisition or investment opportunity,
  • 2.Analysing the present and historical financial statements,
  • 3.Taking care of the corporate tax, direct an indirect taxes and quantification of tax risk,
  • 4.Understanding the organization design such as logistics, finance, operations, technologies and corporate strategy.

We give a detailed report with our recommendations which come handy during decision making and negotiation process.