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Business Valuation is the process of determining the "Economic Worth" of a Company based on its Business Model and external environment and supported with reasons and empirical evidence. In business valuation, variety of business valuation methods typically categorized into three core Valuation approaches are considered and Premium & Discounts applied based on standard & premise of valuation to arrive at the Business Valuation for different purposes. There are a number of situation in which a business required to be valued, similarly while acquiring business it is important to do valuation. Valuation gives a theoretical value and it is essential to fix the value or consideration payable for an acquisition. It helps to conclude a transaction in a reasonable manner without any room for any doubt.


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Valuation activities have engulfed almost all the sectors of Indian economy. Most of the companies in various sectors are going for mergers and acquisitions, expansion, diversification as well as winding-up and all these business activities cannot be imagined without valuation. Quite recently the innovative business concept of Start-ups have gained steam and so their valuation. Further, valuation of public sector enterprises has also gained prominence, especially after disinvestment of public sector enterprises.


Business Valuation Services Cost


Business valuation prices can varies from firm to firm.  This is due to a provider's areas of expertise, available resources, geographic restrictions, infrastructure, etc.  business valuations will cost from $6,000 to $30,000+ based upon complexity. Fair Market business valuation providers engagement fees ranging from $3,500 to $8,000.  


Corporate Business Valuation


Valuation has gained paramount significance in business arena. With the evolution of various forms of business organizations, especially, company form of business organization, valuation has occupied the centre stage. Valuation has become pervasive, i.e. whether during commencement of business, expansion, merger and acquisitions, winding-up etc.


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Valuing a firm requires forecasting cash flows over an indefinite period of time for an entity that is projected to grow. The steps in the estimation of a company’s common equity using enterprise DCF are as follows:

  1. Value the company’s operations by discounting free cash flow at WACC.
  2. Identify and value non-operating assets, such as excess marketable securities, nonconsolidated subsidiaries, and other equity investments.
  3. Identify and value all debt and other non-equity claims against the enterprise value. Debt and other non-equity claims include (among others) fixed-rate and floating-rate debt, unfunded pension liabilities, employee options, and preferred stock.
  4. Subtract the value of non-equity financial claims from enterprise value to arrive at the value of common equity.

Outsource Business Valuation Services


By outsourcing business valuation services, to certified valuation analysts, business owners in can be free of worries of quality results  and get the following benefits -

  • Better preparedness towards unforeseen event
  • Enables competitive negotiations during a sale
  • Efficient management of tax-related transactions
  • Preserve and safeguard your business value
  • Experience better business performance


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